analyzing two articles on climate change Essay

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The author bases his suggestions on evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Gonzalez (2013) uses persuasive rhetorical techniques to urge his audience to take action, such as describing in detail the devastation of climate change on specific species of plant and animal. The human casualties of climate change also evoke an emotional impact in the reader, including simple things we might have otherwise overlooked like "heat-related deaths of susceptible people around the world," (Gonzalez, 2013, p. 2). Similarly, the author points out that people in the "weakest economic positions are the most vulnerable to climate change due to lower capacities to adapt to drastic changes," (Gonzalez, 2013, p. 2). This point ties in with Lazear's (2015) argument about adaptability as a solution; not all people can afford adaptability, and therefore climate change is something that will affect poor and disenfranchised people more than wealthy people. Adaptations include not just moving, but changing agricultural practices, developing better water and transportation infrastructures now, and monitoring local ecosystems (Gonzalez, 2013). These are adaptations that can be integrated into aid and development agendas as well as to foreign policy, as not all nations have the wherewithal to make these adaptations for their people. I also believe that wealthy people may therefore be less likely to support measures and policies that are designed to reduce carbon emissions, given their lack of direct knowledge of the personal impact of climate change on their lives.

Essay on analyzing two articles on climate change Assignment

Unlike Lazear, Gonzalez (2013) places greater culpability on the United States than on other countries by stating that its emissions comprise 22% of the world's emissions. It would be helpful to apply Lazear's (2015) assertion that even if the United States completely cut transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, that it would not offset that of the rest of the world. Given that the United States emits 22% of the world's carbon, the numbers do conceivably add up. The goal would be to get all countries to reduce emissions, starting with innovations in technology. Increasing energy efficiency is one way to reduce emissions, until a radically new energy source surfaces. Gonzalez (2013) also diversifies the solutions to climate change by showing what agriculture industries can do.

The articles by Lazear (2015) and Gonzalez (2013) are not incompatible or contradictory. Taken together, these articles provide a realistic and cogent solution to the global warming/climate change issue. Climate change is a preferred term because warming tends to mislead people to thinking that all places will experience net warming. In fact, some extreme cold events are possible, too. Climate change will affect all people, but will specifically affect people in vulnerable geographic regions, especially those that are near sea level or prone to storms. Likewise, adapting to climate change is something that all people in the world have to consider but not all people in the world have the financial resources to make adaptations. Climate change is something all people have to deal with, but something that will disproportionately have an adverse impact on poor people. I believe that it is the responsibility of all persons in positions of power to set aside their greed, their self-interest, and their short-sightenedness in order to reduce emissions now. After reading these two articles, I have also changed my attitude toward climate change politics. I now believe that people in positions of power have a direct responsibility to help the poor and disenfranchised people of the world to adapt to climate change. Adaptation is something that is going to be necessary because of the inevitability of climate change, and the variety of adaptations should be viewed as a collective human responsibility. Climate change will affect all people, and therefore, responses to climate change should be collaborative.


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