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It is easy to see now how important an understanding of the anatomical position is, when referring to the results of radiology scans. When the assistant has a strong grasp of the names of the planes, he or she can communicate with the physician about scans and their results. Otherwise, there could be egregious medical errors, in miscommunicating about the parts of the body ranging from anterior and posterior to actual organs.

When teaching the trainee about the abdominal quadrants, I would emphasize how simple it is to remember upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left. There are common abbreviations used for these four quadrants in medical documents. Right upper quadrant is RUQ, Left upper quadrant is LUQ, left lower quadrant is LLQ, and right lower quadrant is RLQ. These abbreviations are important to understand when reading the patient's documents and communicating with the members of the medical team. Facing the patient in anatomical position, I could show the trainee that organs like the liver and gallbladder are in the right upper quadrant, whereas the left adrenals and kidney are in the left upper quadrant. In the left lower quadrant, we have the sigmoid colon, and left part of the female sexual organs. In the right lower quadrant we can see the right side of the female sexual organs as well as a section of the ascending colon. These quadrants are important because they signify the location of the body's vital organs, make diagnoses and documentation accurate, and help us to allow the patient to communicate such things as pain or discomfort.

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