Anatomy Affects Human Culture Essay

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Another fairly important aspect of human anatomy that is intrinsically related to human behavior is cognition. From an anatomical perspective, humans have large brains. The brains in people are certainly larger than that of most animals, with some notable exceptions. However, the size and the intricacy of the human brain plays a very crucial aspect in the sort of intellectual capacity that people have been endowed with. Because people have large brains (certainly as compared to most of the other animal and insect kingdom), they are imbued with an intellectual capacity that enables them to transcend mere physical desire and its needs and to pursue various facets of intellectual pursuits. In fact, one of the theories regarding the large size of human brains posits the viewpoint that, "the evolution of the human brain was driven by our increasingly complex social relationships" (Balter).

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Due in part to the size of their brains, many animals simply live from one instinct to the next -- looking to feed, pass waste, obtain shelter, etc. Humans, however, have brain sizes that are large enough and developed enough so that they can easily accomplish all of these basic objectives, and devote their brain power to intellectual pursuits such as the writing of research papers, the memorization of poetry, the composition of song lyrics, and other facets of life. This sort of intellectual behavior -- such as the capacity to write -- helps to make man distinct from virtually all other forms of life, and is indelibly linked to the anatomical size and function of his brain.

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TOPIC: Essay on Anatomy Affects Human Culture and Assignment

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