Anatomy and Physiology Essay

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Such thyroid hormones are transported throughout the body within serum that is bound to carrier proteins, with an exceedingly small percentage existing as a free hormone within the body. Essentially, the thyroid uses hormones to both regulate the body's metabolic rate and heat production; it works in raising the number of receptors in blood vessels in a manner that aids in the regulation of blood pressure and additionally promotes tissue growth.

In viewing the ability for TH to affect the body via passage through the thyroid, it enters a cell and attaches to receptor sites in various locations. Within the cytoplasm, it connects mainly with the mitochondria present in an area, where it helps to control cellular metabolism through a process called oxidative phosphorolation (Steinberg 3). During this process, the mitochondria present use oxygen to generate energy and heat is released as a byproduct of the reaction that takes place. It is in this manner that the thyroid plays a significant role in controlling the body temperature and food metabolism -- both rooted in its role in stimulating the activity of mitochondria present within the body.

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In situations where thyroid hormones are not able to successfully act within the context of the body, the capacity for medical issues to arise from such an absence in hormone distribution escalates significantly. For instance, as synthesis and secretion of the thyroid hormones depend on the presence of iodine and tyrosine as well as the maturation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid system, any interruption of this development, as occurring with premature delivery, results in inadequate production of thyroid-stimulating hormone and thyroxine, which can lead to a variety of physiologic conditions within the body (Kirsten 12).

TOPIC: Essay on Anatomy and Physiology of the Assignment

As seen, this tiny gland located within the body plays a much larger role than one could ever imagine upon first glance. The capacity for every cell within the human body to be affected by such a gland is an aspect of the thyroid that is essential to better understand research surrounding this particular gland along with the health issues an under-performing or over-performing thyroid may have on the body's metabolism and other aspects of the body's daily functions.

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