Term Paper: Ancient Roman History

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Ancient Roman History

The objective of this work is to answer the questions of: (1) What were the main achievements of the Romans? (2) How did they influence world history? (3) in what ways is the Roman "dream" still alive today? (4) Can you think of other societies that have tried to become the "new" Rome? (5) What were the fundamental elements of the Roman character? (6) Was there a dark side to the Roman character? (7) What figure from Roman history was most representative of the good and bad sides of the Romans?

The city of Rome is the capital of the Roma province, Latium region and the Republic of Italy. (New Standard Encyclopedia, 1986) Ancient Rome was located on the Tiber River, stated to be "about 17 miles northeast of the River's mouth at the Tyrrhenian Sea. There was a primary "north-south" trade-route running through the city of Rome and the city was active in trade by sea as well. Ancient Rome's claim to fame is the impressive architecture such as the "half-ruined Colosseum, which is just below the Palatine Hill..." (Ibid) However, architecture is not the only thing that ancient Rome is remembered in today's contemporary world for having contributed. The contributions of Rome include governmental operations and systems as well as recreational pastimes that are still popular in today's world.


The ruins of the Roman Forum are stated to cover "a wide area between the Palatine and Capitoline hills..." which was the "...center of both economic and political life of ancient Rome. The structure that is best preserved is that of the "Pantheon" which has been called one of the greatest architectural achievements of the world. The architecture of Rome includes the construction of aqueducts "...some of which still carry water to the city." (New Standard Encyclopedia, 1986) During early Roman history walls were constructed for protection of the Palatine and Capitoline hills.


The early Romans were "orderly, practical" people who were much disciplined with the parents, teachers and state being their authority. Furthermore, the Romans were people used to the hard living… [END OF PREVIEW]

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