Ancient Studies Laura Auricchio Essay

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Auricchio thinks that one reason why there were mixed feelings from audiences is because the painting is very complicated and ambiguous. In this way, it makes sense that there would be mixed feelings toward a piece of art that is ambiguous. Ambiguous art can be some of the most effective art because there is no one simple answer for the audience. The ambiguous art stays in the minds of the audience because they cannot decided how they feel about it or agree definitively what the art means or says. If this is true for this painting by Adelaide, then she is a successful artist back then and today.

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Another aspect of the painting that Auricchio focuses on is the use and style of clothing in Labille-Guiard's paintings, as well as the clothing and style in paintings of eighteenth century France in general. Auricchio identifies many small details about the clothes Labille-Guiard wears in the painting. She notices the color of the fabric, the kind of fabric (silk), and how the clothes sit upon Labille-Guiard's body. Auricchio also notices which of Labille-Guiard's body parts are exposed, and which of her body parts of covered up. She considers what the exposure and hiding of the body could mean in French culture and in art. Auricchio further notices how the clothing Adelaide paints herself wearing models after some of the most popular styles of the time. This could make audiences of the 21st century wonder about billboards and advertising. There are sociologists who study advertising that have tracked the connection between European paintings from the Renaissance to the modern era and how similar the poses and compositions are to fashion advertisements today. We should look at fashion advertisements with the same detail and close attention as Auricchio, a famous art historian and professor, looks at 18th century art.

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Additionally, Auricchio sees the way the artist's body is posed as very revealing about the painting. The poses of the bodies within paintings are always important. Whether the person is sitting or standing or otherwise; the distance between or among other subjects in the painting; the quantity of light each subject receives in the painting -- each one of these elements and more can tell the viewer or the art historian a lot of information about the painting. The position of the body can tell us how the person in the painting feels. The position of the body can tell us how important the person in the painting is. Therefore, it is a strong idea for Auricchio to pay close attention to how Labille-Guiard is positioned in the painting. Between knowing about the artist as a person, and looking closely and who the artist is in the painting, we can see there is a lot to learn from this article and from art overall.


Auricchio, Laura. "Self-Promotion in Adelaide Labille-Guiard's 1785 Self-Portrait with Two Students." Art Bulletin,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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