Research Paper: Ancient World Cities and Government

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[. . .] The way that this had an impact on the government was to focus its resources on addressing the needs of the king. This caused many cities to have ruling classes that were dominated by officials, who were close to the nobility vs. everyone else. These elements are important in showing how the Persian cities were a combination of warfare, metropolitan areas and governments with an emphasis on the king / state. ("The Achaemenid Persian Empire," 2010)

Rome was created based on a single city state defeating all of the other communities and people in the area. Over the course of centuries, their power expanded to the point that the Romans had to develop a centralized system of government. This led to the creation of an administrative and tax system throughout the empire (with each region paying levies to the central government in Rome). Moreover, the seizing of land and treasure in the conquered territories helped to create a wealthy class in Roman society. While the peasants were forced off of the land and went to the cities to become beggars. These elements are important, in showing how Rome was developed from an individual city state by defeating the others militarily. The conquests from warfare forced the government to establish a system of collecting taxes and seizing the treasure of conquered areas. This led to the early development of an aristocracy based upon who controlled the wealth. (Kries, 2009)

Clearly, ancient city states were at an intersection for warfare and government. This is because all of them were created based on some kind of conflict that was occurring. The focus of the leadership had an impact upon how the government was established and it practices. As a result, this would shape how society developed and the most important attributes that were embraced.


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