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Andrew Heywood

In my opinion, in order to best discern among the four definitions given for politic, we have to point out that politics can virtual have both a figurative and a realistic approach. According to whether the meaning is figurative or realistic, the degree to which the definition of politics encompasses different areas varies, from the political spectrum (real approach) to the public affairs spectrum (still real approach) to the private life (figurative approach and senses such as politics as compromise and consensus).

As such, in my opinion, the best definition of politics is that providing a meaning that limits politics to the spectrum of the public sector. In this sense, politics can be seen as the art of government and as public affairs.

The first notion, that of politics as the art of government, is perhaps the one providing the most realistic approach to what politics is all about. Politics in general is associated with a process of (1) electing the representatives of the people in governmental structure, (2) uniting ideas into coherent political platforms that can properly reflect the direction that respective party wishes to promote, (3) the existence of political entities, part of this mechanism etc. We do indeed have both a positive and a negative perspective associated to politics, from this perspective, as the capacity to rise as a representative of the people in the governmental structures is often associated with personal ambitions of reaching those levels.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Politics is not limited necessarily to the governmental sector, we can refer to politics when we discuss the art of government in the business sector as well. Indeed, the business sector is also an area where… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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