Animal Experimentations Thesis

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Animal Rights - Animal Experimentation


Since the dawn of medical science animals have been used for the purposes of testing hypotheses before risking human health and human lives on untried new technologies. It makes perfect logical sense to do so, but the process is susceptible to moral criticism for subjecting captive animals to disease, discomfort, and often death, exclusively for our benefit. Certain types of scientific uses of animal subjects are justified, even at the animal's expense. Still, the most equitable balance of all the interests and ethical issues involved requires a multidimensional perspective instead of characterizing all animal experimentation right or wrong absolutely. Discussion of the Issues:

Human beings have hunted and raised domesticated animals for food and raw materials since before recorded history. In that respect, we are no different from other animals; in fact, most of the species hunted by people are themselves, hunters of other animals. From that point-of-view, it is difficult to imagine the moral basis of objection to using animals for scientific experimentation selected from the same species that we routinely slaughter and eat.

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On the other hand, a moral objection against the use (or even consumption) of animals may be valid if it defines the issue in terms of the amount of suffering at stake for the animal. In that regard, certain types of uses might justify inflicting pain on animal subjects. Other types of uses may justify slaughtering animals, but only in conjunction with a good-faith effort to minimize pain and suffering. It may very well be that the corresponding benefit of dramatically shortening the life of a pig to test heart valves instead of testing them on human patients justifies the use of the pig for that purpose.

Thesis on Animal Experimentations Assignment

Likewise, one could argue that human beings are not morally obligated to except themselves from the biological food chain; we evolved to hunt along with millions of other animal species designed to eat other animal species. However, there is a fundamental difference between using pigs to advance medical science and for the purposes of manufacturing non-essential products (like cosmetics) at maximum profit.

The same fundamental principle morally differentiates slaughtering animals humanely for consumption and deliberately slicing the testicles from a hog before slaughter to (supposedly) "tenderize" the meat by virtue of a last-second surge of testosterone in the throes of agony (Tripp 2003).

In general, the greater the value potentially associated with animal use the greater the moral justification of exploiting the subject. Conversely, lesser values associated with animal may not. The basis of our moral responsibility to animals is not that human life and interests are more… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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