Animal Rights Introduction Right, Properly Term Paper

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Animal Rights

Term Paper on Animal Rights Introduction Right, Properly Understood, Is Assignment

Introduction right, properly understood, is a claim, or potential claim, that one party may exercise against another' (Roger, 2003), the rights are granted and are ought to be respected towards the grieved party, and other party towards which the actions are performed. In general, when we talk about rights, we concentrate on the human rights, but the terminology right itself has different perspective associated with it, and has different interpretations, and on the basis of those interpretations it can be understood that which of the elements and groups can be included and treated within the domain of the rights. The Animal Rights is the rights of animals which should be respected, obeyed and practiced by the human beings in true spirit. The Animals Rights have unfortunately never been focused or concentrated by the authority and the public, no constitution talks about the protection of the animals rights, no constitution or law have ever condemned maltreatment practiced towards animals, therefore the constitution and law has adopted strange and silent approach towards the animal rights, and have failed to defend the basic rights that should be necessarily granted and practiced towards animal kingdom. It is a known fact that 'different targets, contents, and sources of rights, and their inevitable conflict, together weave a tangled web' (Roger, 2003), therefore the animal rights were never considered, and the majority of public adopted ignorant tone and approach towards animal kingdom. However lately the abrupt rise in the extinction of the different animal species, cause a wave of alarm and criticism through the world towards the governments of the affected regime for keeping ignorant attitude towards the rights and preservation of the animal kingdom. The private international organizations lodged serious protest world wide to publicize importance of the animal rights, this cause awakening among the world wide public, which lately realized their responsibility towards the animal kingdom. The Animal Rights is not only about offering protection to those particular animals which are on the verge of extinction, or have already lapsed in terms of their critical population, rather it is about providing the entire animal kingdom with available facility, and not to disrupt or influence their normal routine and living practices. Animal Rights has been the wave of awakening among the world wide public to realize their moral responsibilities towards the animal kingdom. These rights are not ought to be performed under any particular circumstances, but it is the moral responsibility of the general public to perform and execute their moral responsibility towards the animal kingdom, although in circumstances where an individual is expected to be victimized or hurt by any of the member of animal kingdom, the individual is allowed to perform protective measures and evolve defensive approach, but it is important to ensure that the critical approach is not extremely injurious, unless there is no possibility left for safe haven expect for fatality. The concern evolves that why humans are being forced to accept and practice animal rights, when the animals themselves are strange to the significance of such practice, and it can never be expected that the animals will ever reciprocate towards such courteous action and gesture of good will and concern (Barbara, 2001).

Animal Rights: Positive Approach

The Animal Rights is considered highly controversial, but has emerged as positively. In past there have been instances where the lawyers have advocated that 'the animals have rights akin to human beings'. The Animal Right activists have invested their plans and efforts to launch a wave of awakening the sentiments and emotions of the public towards the animal rights. The Animal Rights is analogous to the human rights, if the basic human rights provide the privilege to the humans of freedom and freewill, and the animals are also entitled to enjoy their freedom, therefore 'animals must be considered to have the right to freedom just as individual human beings' (Cass, 2004). There have been reported instances in the past where the activists of the animal rights have offered shelter to animals, and such practices where purely conducted to awaken and develop the interest and attention of the public towards animal rights. In one of the case the animal right activist 'characterized his practice as giving asylum to the dogs, as one might give asylum to a political refuge from a totalitarian society' (John, 2000). There have been certain concerns with reference to the brutality reflected by the animals towards their younger counterparts, or other animal. If the animals behave in such an irresponsible, criminal and violent manner, the animals should be necessarily blamed for barbarism and torture, but on the other side such actions of the animals have been justified because their action and behavior is associated with their developed instincts, 'animals operate as their instincts dictate, and in many cases instincts dictate that animals kill their own kind' (Barbara, 2001), therefore the violent practices and behavior of the animals can be easily contradicted through their limitations of instinct. On the other side, the human brings are never be treated with the similar leniency, because 'human beings are free and morally responsible, and it is this fact that gives rise to their having basic rights that others ought to respect and they may protect with force and law' (Andrew, 2002). Such differences, limitations and availability of authority are different elements which have placed the human beings liable for the responsible behavior and approach. Such responsibility has given rise to the introduction and implementation of the animal rights, where the human beings are liable to offer, respect and protect the right of freedom and other basic amenities to the animal kingdom. The violation or any shortcoming on the part of the humans in their responsibilities towards animals is liable to condemnation, and depending upon the severity of the charges, the punishment sentence should be applicable, there are many ways human beings can be guilty of mistreating animals, perhaps even the law should make some provisions to ensure that wanton torture and mistreatment of animals are minimized' (Tom, 2001), but this is only a particular aspect of the rights towards animals, and it is important that the law is not too much protective about animals, the brutality of the animals have always placed the interest and live of the human beings at stake, therefore on the basis of the condition and thorough analysis of the situation, it can be determined that what extent and parameter of the animal rights are ought to be respected and applied. The concern evolved that why humans are being forced to accept and practice animal rights, when the animals themselves are strange to the significance of such practice, and it can never be expected that the animals will ever reciprocate towards such courteous action and gesture of good will and concern, but because the ruthless actions and ignorance of animals have been justified by their instincts, it is important for the general public to abide by their moral responsibilities towards the animals in particular, and environment in general. Human are confronted with different choices which are 'are purely moral, it has been the human society which have laid down moral laws, for others and for themselves' (Cass, 2004), and the abidance of those moral vales and injunctions is compulsory and important for the human beings, also human beings are self-legislative, morally autonomous' (John, 2000). Therefore it is prevalent that human beings commit themselves in their resolution towards the adoption and abidance of the animal rights, and the practice should be followed in true spirit with vigor and interest. At parallel, the humans are allowed to take any preventive or defensive measure in case any threat from animal kingdom is imminent, therefore the human should avoid continuous defensive approach towards the animal kingdom, because that continuity has been responsible for the migration and dispersion of the animal kingdom, and such situations have placed their life in jeopardy. It has been scientifically proven that, 'animals lack this capacity for free moral judgment, the animals are not beings of a kind capable of exercising or responding to moral claims' (David, 2003), therefore the animals are ignorant and strange about the rights and responsibilities towards human society. The critics have however opposed the concept of animal rights, they argue that rights can be provided and sanctioned for those who have the 'capacity to comprehend rules of duty, governing all including themselves' (Tom, 2001), therefore in the application of the animal rights, 'the holders of rights must recognize possible conflicts between what is in their own interest and what is just', and this is only possible for the human beings to understand and comprehend, therefore the animals should be eliminated from the list of those elements whose rights are to be fulfilled, respected and protected. On the part of human society, the humans are natural moral capabilities, and are considered to be self-legislative, therefore the human beings 'are governed by moral rules, and do possess rights' (Cass, 2004), and therefore it is not just that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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