Animal Testing for Products Term Paper

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Animal Testing for Products

Animal Testing - the Cons

The use of Animal Testing increased in the United States in the late 19th century and as a reaction to it, groups that spoke for the rights of animals were formed. If one asks the people conducting experiments on animals as to why they do such a thing, their initial response would be that animals are like humans. When asked why they consider it to be morally okay to experiment on animals but not humans, they would say that animals are not like us (Anonymous). Animal testing is not a requirement by law either and hence there is no reason why one should continue with these unethical practices. Each year, millions of animals are tested upon in the United States and such experiments include the isolation of baby monkeys from their mothers. This is inhuman and as no human would put a baby away from his mother, similarly no human should put a baby animal away from its mother. Every child needs its mother and it is barbaric of the human race to separate them from each other, whether it is the child of man or the child of an animal. "The main disadvantages to animal tests, according to John Frazier and Alan Goldberg, of CAAT, are: 'Animal discomfort and death, species-extrapolation problems, and excessive time and expense'" (Karen Lee Stevens).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Animal Testing for Products Assignment

Moreover, vivisection does not guarantee the accuracy of the treatment as human diseases differ from animal diseases and the result can be very misleading at times. Further the therapy of the drug differs depending on the species that it is used upon. Therefore a drug might have beneficial effects on a monkey but it could have adverse effects on a human. Belladonna is harmless to rabbits but can kill a human. More examples like these are seen throughout history and one was seen in England where Opren, an anti-rheumatic drug, caused the death of over 70 people and put over 3000 people into critical conditions. Opren was tested on animals for 7 whole years and was announced to be safe and effective. However that was certainly not the case. Eraldin, a drug once prescribed to people for heart disease is now banned due to its adverse effects on humans. This drug was also heavily tested on animals but the effect it had on them differed greatly to the effect it had on humans. Protease inhibitor drugs today are proven to be very effective in HIV infected people who can live normal lives despite being infected. We should thank our scientists for developing such a drug but also we should ask them about the delay in producing this. The answer will be that when tested on animals, this drug proved to be lethal and hence it was discontinued (Peter Tatchell, p.18). When we have examples which establish that animal testing serves no purpose to develop drugs and therapies for the humans, why do we still need to torture the animals and put them through pain? Man has certainly become a barbarian.

It is also known that when an animal became diseased, it was cheaper for the animal testing industries to purchase another one than to use the help of veterinarians to cure them (Andrew N. Rowan, p.19). Animal health care is none of their concern and as long as the animal is in a good condition, they will take care of it and if it gets ill then they would throw it away. This is a highly immoral practice. "Ethically speaking, to deliberately exploit, torture and kill another sentient creature, be they human or nonhuman, is an intrinsically evil abuse of power" (Anonymous).

Animal Testing - The Pros

Animal tests are conducted for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for the betterment of man. The intrinsic value of a human life is much more than an animal life and it is much more appropriate to test new drugs on animals rather than humans. Animal testing has proved to be beneficial for people especially with the advent of anesthetics. Before the use of anesthetics operations, amputations and caesareans were an awful sight to witness or undergo (Anonymous). Animal testing made use of such techniques where pain is not felt. "Human beings share about 99% of their genes with chimpanzees and only slightly fewer with other monkeys. As a result, the reactions of these… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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