Animal Testing. The Writer Argues Essay

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And, sadly, the animals do not simply lie down and pass quietly away (Philips, 1998). They die painfully and distressingly (Philips, 1998). " But if the alternative is going to be that humans suffer and die because the treatment cannot be tried on an animal the price becomes to high (Philips, 1998).

Activists will argue that the testing of cosmetics on animals is not going to save lives and therefore should be halted but they are wrong. Each year thousands of victims are severely disfigured because of fires, surgeries, chemical burns or other problems (Philips, 1998). They hide away in their homes afraid to let the world see their faces. They cannot work, they withdraw socially and they stop being productive contributors to society (Philips, 1998). When cosmetics can cover their scars and allow them to venture out again it is a positive aspect of cosmetics that is much more than vanity. If animal testing allows the reentry of the scarred victims to the world then animal testing is needed.

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Scientists who are working in medical research are at the centre of the controversy (Philips, 1998). Ironically, it is the men and women who turn down lucrative approaches from drugs companies on the grounds that they do not want their research compromised who often become the objects of attack by the wilder fringes of the animal welfare movement (Philips, 1998). Their argument is that if they could find easier, quicker ways of saving human beings from the effects of disease, ageing or contagion, they would do so. But which of us, told that our son or daughter has been diagnosed with cancer, would say "save the bunny rabbit, sod the child" (Philips, 1998)?

Essay on Animal Testing. The Writer Argues Assignment

If not for animal testing there would be few medicines for doctors to treat the sick, there would be no insulin for diabetics and transplants would be unheard of (Knill, 2002). " Animal rights activist point to alternative methods for testing. While there have been several alternatives for cosmetic research the field of medical science must depend on animal testing (Madison, 1996). When it comes to the decision to use a new medication on people the government requires that it be tested first on a small group of humans before it can be marketed to the public. Before the medical community uses the medication on the small group of humans it tries it out on animals first. Many drugs and medications are extremely toxic and the potential risk to humans is high in the early phases of development and use. This would be something that would have the potential to cause extreme suffering or even death in the humans it was tested on. The alternative testing methods will not work when it comes to the medication tests because the only way to know how a living thing reacts to the medication is to try it on a living thing.


The testing of products on animals has been a topic of heated debate for many years. Activists protest the practice and insist that alternative measures be found. Each product, or medicine tested on an animal that is successful has the potential to better the lives of humans. Often times the testing on animals provides medications that can save the lives of humans. While it would be desirable to locate alternative ways to test these products if it means saving lives to continue using animals there really is no other choice at this time.


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