Animal Welfare Assurance Organizations Research Paper

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The ASPCA does not oppose the use of animals in entertainment, "provided that all of the animals' physiological and behavioral needs are fully met and that no cruel practices are used in raising, training and maintaining the animals, including when their period of useful service is over' (ASPCA Position statement 5.16).

The ASPCA also stresses the need for consideration of the environment and for nature, keeping with its concerns about the ethical treatment of wild animals. It does not oppose animal control of wildlife in all instances, but stresses that, like all forms of euthanasia, it should only be practiced as a last resort (ASPCA Position statement 6.1). The ASPCA is not a conservation group such as, for example, Greenpeace, but sees its support of healthy environment for all animals, wild as well as tame, as keeping with its mission of cruelty prevention.

The ASPCA is an extremely large not-for-profit organization and releases an annual report detailing its successes. This is necessary, given the extensive corporate as well as individual sponsorship solicited by the organization, to demonstrate that its funds are being put to good use. Its annual report contains a wide variety of examples of how the ASPCA has exerted its influence to improve conditions for animals, as in the case of NYC's carriage horses, as well as its financial statements. A complete copy of the audit can be obtained by the organization's CFO (Chief Financial Manager) (Annual report, ASPCA, 2010: 56-57).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on Animal Welfare Assurance Organizations Animal Assignment

It is difficult to compare a large organization such as the ASPCA with a national platform to a small, local organization like Manes and Tails which does not conduct a formal audit. Because of its specific focus upon horses in need, Manes and Tails has the potential to address specific issues of interest to the horse community, such as natural shoeing and health-promoting care of horses for all owners, offering low-cost board for horse owners in need, and acting as a vocal advocate against horse slaughter. The ASPCA has superior funding and its 'net' is wider-reaching, but it cannot monitor the treatment of all animals, particularly given the special needs of horses in terms of care and rehabilitation. Ultimately, both types of organizations -- specific and general, national and local -- are needed to improve conditions for animals within the United States. The guidelines issued by Manes and Tails are actually more detailed and radical in terms of policy positions, but it has the luxury of taking a more definite stand, given that it does not have to please as wide a range of stakeholders as the ASPCA.


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