Animals and Society Essay

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Animal Rights

The roles of animals in the society are explored by highlighting the facts highlighted by a number of authors. The interaction of human beings with the animals is an important part of the society. These roles are highlighted by the articles highlighted in the paper.

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'Animal liberation' is an important book written by Peter Singer. The main fact highlighted by the author in the book is the importance of launching the animal rights movement. It was published in 1975 when animal rights movement gained toll in an industrialized world. The organization named as People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, has heavily criticized the book by Peter Singer, but the realities that have been highlighted by Peter are more important. The rights that have been organized by PETA are not supported by Peter. The criticism provided by Peter in the book is based on the way in which the industrialized society makes use of the animals. The author has highlighted utilitarian morals and ethics. Thereby in order to read the book, it is important that one must be aware of the utilitarian rules. Since an increase in industrialization, people are not even aware of the source of food being fed upon. What is the source of the cosmetics or beauty products being used by the people? For the maintenance or sustenance of life, how animals are used is an important question. Animal liberation is the book that has highlighted the brutal systems under which animals are used. The main aim of the book is to highlight ethics based on which animals are used in the society. One of the main facts that have thus been highlighted by the author is that people should become vegetarian. Singer has highlighted many ways in which animals are slaughtered for the benefit of the human beings. A number of arguments have been given by Singer as to why meat should not be used as food by people. Firstly, the animals must not be slaughtered for the production of meat; and secondly, the land being used for the rearing and management of animal farms must be used for the cultivation of crops (Singer, 2001, p. 89).

Essay on Animals and Society Assignment

The second important book is 'Animal Rights, Human Wrongs' written by Tom Regan. The main question asked in the book is the eligibility criteria based on which an animal gets it rights. What are the reasons based on which animal testing becomes illegal. Tom Regan is one of the most well-known philosopher and social activist. Importance of the book is based on the arguments that have been placed by the author in favor of animal rights. In these cases, two important questions have been explored which are an important part of the moral theory (Regan, 2000, p. 66). The first question in this case is what are the reasons based on which acts can be called as illegal. Three important moral theories have been considered by the author include contractarianism, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism. The book has provided the theoretical perspective supporting pro-animal rights. Asking these moral questions can help in exploring animal rights and how the animals suffer for the comfort of the human beings. Thereby the book has offered a way of transition from using moral theory to making use of the moral perspective. This transition becomes important as shown by the author as the rights of the animals have been explored by the moral theories. The theories are given so that understanding of animal rights and ethics can be developed (Regan, 2003, p. 39)

The third important article in this context is 'Zoos and Eyes: Contesting Captivity and Seeking Successor Practices' written by Ralph Acampora. The main aim of the article is the environment given by the zoo to the animals. The meaning of wilderness to the animals cannot be understood by the human beings, based… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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