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[. . .] Newcomers may find the fact that she details how to read the exact amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that various fertilizer products particularly beneficial.

However, the author saves the majority of the detail for denoting expressly how to apply the soil test. Doing so involves gathering soil from various places in a particular lawn or garden, so that gardeners can gain a truly comprehensive view of the soil. The author provides the exact number of inches of excavations needed to be made, and provides information about how to take out the soil as well as where to put it. Towards the end of the article, she explicates some of the differences of taking soil from lawns vs. from gardens, since the latter have deeper roots and require deeper excavations.

On the whole this article is highly utilitarian. It provides more information that simply how to take a soil sample and get it tested. It explains what sort of nutrients soil needs as well as how to obtain them. There is a fair amount of didactic value in the article related to the explication of ph systems and the particular benefits that nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium provide soil.

One potential shortcoming, however, is that the article largely assumes that individuals reading it live in Kentucky or in close enough proximity to the University there to engage in its analysis of the soil. One way in which the author could improve the article is by providing various locations across the country in which individuals could get this same sort of analysis performed. Doing so would have certainly involved significantly more research. However, it more than likely would have given the article greater appeal with a wider audience.


Heisdorffer, A.M. (2013). Soil testing provides what the lawn needs. Retrieved from [END OF PREVIEW]

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