Anorexia Nervosa Parkinson's Disease All People Contract Essay

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Anorexia Nervosa

Parkinson's Disease

All people contract a disease sooner or later, and their well-being depends on the severity in form of the respective malady. There are numerous diseases known to mankind and some of them go back to the early ages where people had been aware that maladies exist and that they need to be treated some way or another. Parkinson's disease has been known of ever since medieval times, but it had officially been admitted in 1817 when James Parkinson wrote about it in his writing "An Essay on the Shaking Palsy."

Doctor James Parkinson used to call the disease "the shaking palsy." Because of the fact that the doctor had dedicated much of his time to discovering symptoms of the disease, people came to refer to the malady as the Parkinson disease.

Most of the people suffering from Parkinson aren't aware that they carry the disease until it reaches its terminal phases. The disease usually affects those that are over 50 years old, as it is rare for younger people to have it. Generally, when the person that has the disease grows older, it also evolves and affects its carrier more. Parkinson's disease (PD) has various factors which lead to contracting it. Usually, men are more likely to contract the disease. Scientists have not been able to discover what makes men more vulnerable to the disease.

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It is possible for people being infected with the disease to have the virus in their genes and to get sick because of several factors creating proper conditions for it to prosper in its host. Parkinson's disease mainly affects dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for helping motion dexterity and without it people are left having severe movement problems. Approximately 80% of the dopamine found in the body of a normal person is missing from those suffering from PD. Medications with dopamine have been invented and they've proved to be effective, as the evolution of PD has been made slower after dopamine medications have been used.

Essay on Anorexia Nervosa Parkinson's Disease All People Contract Assignment

PD apparently progresses slow during its first 15 years, but afterwards it is very possible to evolve much more rapidly.

Environmental exposures can be responsible for making perfectly normal people get PD. Toxic substances released in the environment may be extremely dangerous when people come in contact with them. Researchers have found that a certain pesticide affects cells in a similar way to PD, and, thus, they've considered the possibility that it might be accountable for causing the disease. When tested on rats, the pesticide proved to have effects similar to those of PD, with neurons in the brain being damaged by the substance. Just as people having PD, rats experienced movement disorders after having been administered the substance. Researchers have also found that pesticides generally are harmful for humans coming in contact with them.

From analyzing the damage that such substances have on people, it would be normal for actions to be taken in order to prevent contact between pesticides and people. The fact that the pesticide might cause PD to some people does not mean that it affects everyone that comes in contact with them, and, very few people actually develop PD because of pesticides. Parkinson researchers blame genes as well as pesticides in creating PD.

There are several symptoms which can lead into detecting PD from an early stage, but not all symptoms are known. One of the most common symptoms for people that are in the early stages of PD is the loss of smell. The main symptoms that nearly all people know are depression, tremor, and slow movement. Depression is believed to be one of the main symptoms because it has plentiful similarities with PD. People that are depressed show signs of tiredness all the time, have trouble sleeping and concentrating, and generally have a blank face. However, there have also been people that have rejected the idea that depression is one of PD's main symptoms. They claim that there are numerous people suffering from PD that are not depressed and have had nothing to do with depression their entie life.

Pamela Quinn is one of the unfortunate persons diagnosed with PD. What makes her different from other persons suffering from PD is that she has been a dancer until the moment when the disease started to interfere with her life. She first observed that she had a problem by the age of 42, as she learnt that her hands would sometimes start trembling. At first she didn't pay attention, but the disease gradually evolved and after two years the horrible news came: she was suffering from chronic PD. It had been clear that her life as a dance teacher would be over, as PD is a disease that cannot be cured.

After having seen several specialists that could not do much to save her, she realized that she had to cope with the disease by regaining her confidence in herself. The fact that she worked with her body her entire life made it easier for her to learn to control the disease. After several years, Pamela's neurologist noticed that the disease had had a much slower evolution in Pamela's case. They both realized that movement had been one of the key elements which had led to this phenomenon.

Wanting to do more for other people that have been suffering of PD, Pamela joined a group of persons involved in making PD easier for those that were suffering from it. The fact that she was experienced in taking care of her body her whole life had prepared her for her future life as a person with PD.

In spite of the gravity of having PD, Pamela Quinn has proved that people can pretty much ameliorate the effects of any disease if they concentrate on keeping their body and mind free. Also, she managed to help numerous people realize that they didn't have to surrender to the disease.

It is difficult to diagnose PD from an early stage because of people refraining from seeing a doctor when they experience the early symptoms and because of some doctors failing to notice the signs indicating that one carries the disease.

PD is a very common disease as there are millions of people worldwide suffering from it. "About 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's yearly, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which estimates that the total cost of health care for Parkinson's patients will exceed $5.6 billion this year." (Henkel, John)

A lot of famous persons have been affected by the disease in time and some of the most notorious are: Pope John Paul II, boxer Muhammad Ali, Mao Tse Tung, presumably Adolf Hitler and many others.

PD is frequently mistaken for arthritis when it is in its early stages and most doctors cannot make the difference between the two illnesses. However, as the disease evolves, people can feel that several of the basic functions are becoming harder to perform. Another reason for why doctors find it hard to diagnose Parkinson is that the disease usually has to be observed for several years before it can be diagnosed.

"A brain operation shown to be helpful for many Parkinson's patients, especially those in late stages of the disease, is called pallidotomy." (Henkel) According to Henkel, pallidotomy has proved to be effective in many cases, with patients getting back to their basic activities after having gone through the procedure. During the operation the doctors destroy small bits of globus pallidus, which is considered to be found in excess in people suffering from PD. Pallidotomy has not just had positive effects on patients, as there were cases in which patients were left with impaired speech. There have also been people reported to return to the stage previous to the operation after… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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