Anp 1 Questions About Tissues Research Proposal

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ANP 1 Questions about Tissue

Tissues are defined as groups of cells with similar structure that perform a common function. Please identify (name) the four broad classes of tissues present in our bodies and give the general function that each provides.

There are four categories of tissues in the human body: epithelial tissues, connective tissues, nervous tissues, and muscle tissues. Epithelial tissue protects the body from moisture loss, bacteria, and internal injuries. Connective tissue provides structure and support to the body. Nervous tissues form the nervous system, which is responsible for coordinating the activities and movements of the body. Muscle tissue differs from other tissue types in that it contracts. Muscle tissue comes in three types: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal (, 2009, What are the four types of tissue found in the human body)

Q2: Explain the functional classification of multicellular exocrine glands and supply an example for each class.

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Unicellular exocrine glands consist of single cells, specialized for secretion, which are interspersed amongst other, non-secretory epithelial cells. "The most common unicellular exocrine glands are the goblet cells (mucus secreting cells) found in the epithelium of the trachea and the digestive tube" (Exodrine glands. 2009, the Internet Encyclopedia of Science). Multicellular exocrine glands such as salivary, mammary, or sebaceous (oil) glands are formed by "invagination, or in-pouching, of an epithelial sheet (Exodrine glands. 2009, the Internet Encyclopedia of Science).

Q3: Name four important functions of connective tissue and provide examples from the body that illustrate each function.

Research Proposal on Anp 1 Questions About Tissue Tissues Are Assignment

Loose connective tissues hold physical structures of the body together, like holding the outer layer of skin to the underlying muscle tissue. Loose connective tissues also form fat layers, lymph nodes, and red bone marrow. Fibrous connective tissue holds body parts together, with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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