Anthropology Doctrine of Man Term Paper

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Evolution Theory

C) Theory of Creationism

Deistic and theistic Evolution theories


Nature of Man

E) Conclusion


Doctrine of Man

Man is still searching for answers to the fundamental questions concerning the why and how of his existence, the purpose of the journey of life and the ultimate destiny.

Different theories have been put forward in explaining the origin of man ranging from creationism to evolution. The evolutionary theory of creation attributes all this diversification and the countless species of living beings to the process of systematic natural evolution. The Christian faith offers a different explanation in the form of the genesis account of creation. Even within the creationism theory there are mildly different views of the creation process. A brief discussion of these differing perspectives of creation would shed more light on that one primeval question which has continued to intrigue all of mankind from time immemorial.

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Term Paper on Anthropology Doctrine of Man Assignment

The theory of evolution is in total contrast to the creation theory. God is totally excluded from the whole picture and it explains that everything from the living to the inert matter originated naturally from gradual changes over millions of years. In other words there is an outright exclusion of the metaphysical or the supernatural realms of existence and everything is described in terms of natural evolution and as a pure chance factor. So man is not a special being but only a natural evolution product from the primitive beings. The one drawback however in this evolutionary theory of existence is that it does not offer explanation as to how the original material which is supposed to have undergone all this transmutation, transformation and gradual evolution came into existence. That is to say that the evolution theory may explain that the tree came from the seed and the bird came from the egg but has no clue for the existence of the seed or the egg. Something is assumed to be in existence before everything else and in this aspect this theory is found wanting in a basic aspect. [H.P. Blavatsky]

Theory of Creationism

This is directly in contradiction to the evolution theory and ascribes every species and every element of creation to have been directly created by god instantly (6 days). That is to say that there is no macro evolution but god created everything that exists during the six days. (though not necessarily 24-hour day) The entire cosmos with all its magnificence from the primitive bacteria to the final crown jewel of creation (man) is a direct creative work of god. The creationist theory is challenged by evolutionary scientists who claim the close relationship between species as a proof of evolution. Further modern astronomy has estimated the age of earth to be some millions of years older than the earliest civilizations on earth hence disputing the theory that all this creation evolved within the short frame of time as described in the bible. Branching out from the pure creationist theory are the deistic and theistic evolution theories. These theories, though they have god as the creator of the universe accommodate the scientific evolutionary reasoning to some extent. [Jay Taylor]

Deistic and theistic Evolution theories

The deistic theory accounts that god created the initial material and established the laws of evolution and then totally withdrew from the process. That is evolution went on gradually over a long period of time without any intervention from god once the process was initiated. The theistic evolution theory on the other hand indicates that god not only created the initial material but also continued to actively monitor the process of evolution. Though both these theories are in agreement with the role of the divine hands behind the creation and also concur with evolution theory, they are in contradiction to the biblical account of creation. [CARM] Let us now see the genesis account of creation.


The genesis account explains that man is the supreme crown jewel of all gods' creation. Man was made in the image of god and he placed his knowledge in man.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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