Anthropology -- Short and Long Definitions Fieldwork Term Paper

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Anthropology -- Short and Long Definitions

Fieldwork -- a type of anthropological (and other discipline-specific) research that involves data collection through direct observation of study subjects and face-to-face interviews.

Participant Observation -- a type of anthropological (and other discipline-specific) research that involves extensive direct involvement with specific populations of study subjects; typically, the researcher lives with them.

"Culture as a Text" -- Refers to the conceptualization of culture as a readable text that provides understanding of the society or culture through it analysis. Anthropologists rely on this conceptualization extensively.

Ethnocentrism -- a perspective in which the individual worldview is substantially a function of the influence of social learning of subjective values and beliefs.

Ethnocentric Fallacy -- the erroneous assumption that cultures and societies can be evaluated by reference to the values and beliefs of the society of the researcher. It necessarily presumes that the observing culture or society is more advanced or better than the observed culture.

Rich Points -- Are the specific elements of linguistic encoding and expression within respective individual cultures that interfere with a mutual understanding between those cultures.

Metaphors -- Generally, a manner of conceptual description that employs representations and indirect comparisons.

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Key Metaphors -- Those specific conceptual descriptions employing representations and indirect comparisons that are particularly important to the culture and society.

Myth -- Specific stories and historical narratives passed down to successive generations to maintain long-term cultural beliefs. Typically, culturally important myths relate to beliefs about foundational narratives about the origin of the society, mankind, and the world.

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis -- the idea that the way language encodes perceptions determines the way that individual experience and express those perceptions.

Term Paper on Anthropology -- Short and Long Definitions Fieldwork Assignment

Revitalization -- Refers to cultural change that is attributable to the purposeful choice or action of members of the society.

Cultural Relativism -- Refers to the critical analysis of different cultural practices and social norms and behaviors within a foreign society by reference to those of the observer's society.

Techne -- Refers to culture-specific artistic and other creative efforts that reflect society-specific characteristics.

Syncretization -- Refers generally to the coexistence of multiple belief systems or values within a given society and to the manner in which those multiple belief systems or values are reconciled. More particularly, it refers to the manner… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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