Anti-Social Personality Disorder Antisocial Research Paper

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Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder

This is a mental condition where an individual has a long-term patter of violating, manipulating, and exploiting the rights of others. Antisocial personality disorder often leads to criminal behavior. The causes of antisocial personality disorder are unknown to the medical and psychological field. It is a belief that persons suffering from the disorder are triggered by environmental and genetic factors. These are like child abuse, alcoholic or antisocial parents. It is indicated that more men than women are affected by antisocial personality condition, with the condition being more common with persons in prison (Burt, 2007). An indication and development of the disorder in children is cruelty and setting fire to animals. The symptoms of the disorder are indicated in a person's behavior to themselves and others. They can act charming and witty, excellent at flattery and manipulation of people's emotions, and repeatedly breaks the law. They also disregard the safety of others and their lives and have problems dealing with substance abuse. Individuals will also steal and lie often, do not show signs of guilt or remorse, and are arrogant and angry often.

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The personality disorders are prevalent in the U.S. population since approximately 9% by 2007 had been diagnosed with a personality disorder. According to the National Comorbidity Survey Replication survey, 0.6% has antisocial personality disorder (Burt, 2007). It is difficult to distinguish a person with antisocial personality disorder due to the similarities of symptoms and behavior. Antisocial personality disorder makes a person fail to conform to social norms in terms of lawful behaviors. The person is also impulsive and often fails to plan ahead of taking action. They are often involved in regular physical fights and assaults since they are irritable and aggressive. They are also inconsistent with responsibilities, thereby making it difficult to hold down a job or position of responsibility.

Research Paper on Anti-Social Personality Disorder Antisocial Personality Disorder This Assignment

The symptoms of antisocial personality disorder make the individual a social problem. This is because the individual will not conform to the norms of society and will not respect the law. They become anti-social from their repeated performances that drive them to repeat arrests. Since they destroy property, harass people, steal, or are attracted to illegal occupations, they develop anti-social tendencies. Blackburn (2007) asserts that anti-social behavior drives them to disregard and disrespect the wishes, feelings, and rights of others including their families, friends, and close associates. This makes it difficult for anyone to relate to this individual, as they are continually deceitful and manipulative.

The drive to lie, con others, use alias, or malinger drives them to break the law or rejection by society or their community. A pattern of impulsive behavior leads to many failed projects, plans, or dreams. It is frustrating for a parent or guardian raising a child with antisocial personality disorder since their impulsive behavior drives them to make hasty plans, which often fail. They make decisions on the spur of a moment, without making considerations or forethought, leading them to enter into risky and life threatening situations. For example, they will make sudden changes to job, move residence, or break relationships. This impulsive behavior not only makes them get into trouble but they lose friends and close relationships. Their aggression and irritability drives them into fights and physical assaults easily. This is especially unattractive for their peers who grow up and mature with time (Blackburn, 2007).

An individual with antisocial personality disorder will appear stuck in the teenage and adolescent ages. This is because reckless behavior and acts, disregard authority and safety drive them. They are motivated and excited in participating in speeding, driving under the influence of an illegal substance, and are often involved in multiple reckless accidents. In addition, they will engage in careless sexual behavior with multiple partners and use illegal substances without considering the consequences.

Antisocial personality disorder is difficult to treat or handle the personality. Persons with the disorder or those with a close friend with the condition will not seek assistance.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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