Antwone Fisher, Finding Creative Writing

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This explains why a person behaves in a certain way and what are the things that effect the attitude of a person towards life and towards the other people in general. Different kinds of conditioning have also been explained as a part of this theory.

Now we shall come to the phase of Fisher's life that is the most important and the most interesting one; when he enters Hollywood and becomes one of the highest paid and the one of the most sought after screenwriters. This is the success that he achieves after enduring such hardships that would be enough break down any man and his spirits. However, this was not the case of Fisher. He made sure that he follows his dreams and finally achieves what he has thought of achieving. Apart from that, whatever unfortunate events that take place in his life, he used them in a positive way so that he can prove to the man of the world.

The theory that is most appropriate in explaining this particular phase of Fisher's life is the cognitive theory. Cognitive theory is basically based on the pattern of thinking that is developed by the people mainly because of what they experience in their life and this has the potential to leave an impact on their personality development. It also involves the problem solving abilities of the people and how people develop the abilities to cope with certain stress situation and how find out ways out of the problems in their lives. Cognitive theory explains how Fisher always faced his problems and this was the main reason why he ended up becoming one of the well-paid screenwriters of Hollywood.

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The last major event that took place in the life of Fisher was when he goes in search of his family and is then successful in finding them. Since he was born in prison and he was raised by his foster mother, he did not know much about the relatives of his father and his mother that were alive. He then goes on to find them and is also successful in doing so.

Creative Writing on Antwone Fisher, Finding Fish Is Assignment

The best theory that will explain this phase of Fisher's life is definitely the developmental theory. The reason behind this is that even if a person stays away from his or her parents, there is always something that will keep him attached to his ancestors and it will one day take that person towards him. This is exactly what happened with Fisher. Even though he had never seen his relatives from his father's side or his mother's side, but he still felt the urge to look for them and eventually he was successful in finding them as well.

Short-comings of the Theories

Many psychological theories have been stated and explained above according to the major events that took place in the life of Fisher. It will not be wrong to say that Fisher was not psychologically evaluated for any of the events that took place in his life. This is the main reason why we cannot say certainly whether or not the theories that have been stated above are well-suited for the respective event or not. Particularly when we talk about the developmental theory presented by Erickson and its different stages we are not sure how Fisher developed his thought process and what were the ways in which the unfortunate events that took place in his life ended up affecting him.

It is important to note here that the developmental theories put forth the basic framework on which the thought process of the development, human growth as well as the learning of an individual is based. It will not be wrong to say that if a psychologist wants to know the motivation that is present behind the behavior, actions or the thought process of the individuals, then the understanding of this theory can contribute significantly. Apart from that, the understanding and knowledge of these theories can also provide us with an insight into the society as well as the individuals.

However, when we talk about the cognitive theory with respect to its suitability and applicability on the major events that happened in the life of Fisher, it will not be wrong to say that this theory does suit his conditions. The main reason behind this is that this theory revolves around the internal state of an individual that later on influences the behavior as well as the decision making abilities of that person. It is extremely important for us to understand the internal emotions and state of Fisher so that we can get an idea of whether or not the experiences faced by him were responsible for his behavior.


As it has been stated above multiple times, the life of Fisher was full of turmoil and unfortunate events. Students of psychology will understand that many people that have to face stressful or traumatic events in their life do end up developing some kind of psychological issues. In order for social workers and psychologists to prevent such people from suffering depression of any other psychological disorders, it is important for them to make an intervention. It is important to note here that interventions in such cases have to be based on one of the theories that have been stated above, or oftentimes a combination of more than one theory. Even though there are many events in Fisher's life that can be discussed because an intervention was required after them, the one that we shall be discussing here as this part of the paper is the event in which he gets molested by an older woman when he is only a very young boy. The reason behind the selection of this event is that many theories of sexual abuse suggest that people that have been molested or sexually abused in their childhood have the tendency to do the same in the future. Therefore, it is important for children that are sexually abused to be counseled so that they do not end up doing the same.

The most suitable theories that need to be made use of in order to lay out the framework for the intervention are the cognitive and the behavior theory. The concept of cognitive-behavioral therapy is not new. Once Fisher is asked to talk about what he had to suffer in his life and how those events bother him, it be easier for any psychologist to judge that whether or not he also has the potential to make other suffer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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