Apm the Middle- and First-Level Case Study

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APM Case Study

The middle- and first-level production managers of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer (APM) face the challenge of driving up production efficiency and quality while driving down costs to ensure their company can continue as an OEM supplier to major automotive manufacturers. These managers' contribution centers on managing the workers operating the parts production system. A recent Training Needs Analysis (TNA) brings to light the fact that these managers don't understand the machinery and have never operated the equipment.

The following training alternatives need to be considered for management development to ensure the managers can be more effective in getting higher efficiencies and lower costs from their teams of works.

The first alterative is to send the managers to courses at the machine manufacturers' locations and get them certifications in the operating techniques and approaches the machines use. This training strategy would include a series of short seminars spread over a few weeks, where the manufacturers' trainers would come on site to the APM's location and provide the certification training.

The second approach would be to have evening sessions, also hosted by the manufacturer in the cities where the APM's production centers are, to ensure workday hours and productivity are not affected by the training schedules. These evening courses would be used throughout the weeks and interspersed with testing on the machinery in off hours when production was not in progress.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Apm Case Study the Middle- and First-Level Assignment

A third approach would be to have an intensive weekend series of courses that would cover each of the parts production systems' components and features and their relevance to the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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