Apparel Industry SWOT

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Apparel SWOT


Increased strengths for the apparel industry in 2010 and beyond include the ability for fashion to be delivered with greater immediacy as well as changing marketing platforms, which interact in inextricable ways. Fashion is often at the mercy of individual tastes, and social marketing techniques -- generally web-based -- have led to an increase of communication between consumers and designers/manufacturers that leads to more specific designs and "humanized" brands (Arthur 2010). Customers can even work directly as designers, and Internet shopping and shipping has made a greater variety and volume of fashion available to a greater number of buyers (Corcoran & Lockwood 2010). While this will certainly increase competition within the apparel industry, it will serve to increase overall sales volume for the industry as a whole and so facilitate growth for successful companies.


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The reduced timescale with which customers expect delivery and turnaround presents a significant disadvantage to certain members of the apparel industry. The artistic and craft aspects of apparel design and manufacture necessarily suffer when immediacy becomes the primary goal of the industry (Ford, in Foley 2010). The rapidity with which the public becomes inundated with and inured to new fashions can also hurt sales, potentially hurting the long-term reputation of certain houses and even of the industry as a whole (Ford, in Foley 2010). The increasing ease with which consumers can pick and choose from almost any designer and manufacturer in the world as well as effectively design their own clothing to be built using new media could also be disturbing to the morale of the craftspeople in the industry.


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