Essay: Appearance and Reality in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Appearance and Reality in Shakespeare's Hamlet

One example we see of reality vs. The imagined is when Hamlet first encounters the ghost. This scene is powerful because it sets the mood for the rest of the play. He cannot decide if the ghost is really the ghost of his father or something worse. He calls the ghost a "goblin damned" (I.iv.44) but then later, he comes to the conclusion that the ghost might not be evil after all and calls it, "King, father, Royal Dane" (Shakespeare I.iv.50). Another scene where things are not quite what they seem to be is when Hamlet feigns his madness when he is around Polonius and Polonius comments that Hamlet is not himself. (I.iii.124) the appearance of madness can also bee seen in the following scene when Hamlet is with Ophelia. Here, his is faking his madness that he crushes Ophelia. He certainly doe not seem like the man that was once in love with her. He admits to loving "her once" (III.i.125) and then he… [END OF PREVIEW]

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