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¶ … Apple Inc. And the kinds of products and services that make the company a successful business venture, primarily its ability to keep employers happy with its Total Rewards program. Keeping one of the external factors (employee retention), high and as well as mitigate any damage from competitive pricing; through providing quality products and high salability. Apple Inc. is a technology company specializing in computer hardware and software (MAC), smart phones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), and mp3 plays, (ITouch). The company has expanded and flourished ever since 2001 and introduced retail stores to over 360 outlets/stores internationally. The company has over 100 thousand employees in 39 nations. Apple Inc. has become one of the most successful companies in its field with Microsoft being the front-runner.

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The main reason Apple Inc. generates so much success; especially in terms of net sales and profits of their products is their retail stores. Their retail stores give consumers a chance touch, test, and use their products. Any questions they have, they can easily talk with a knowledgeable sale associate, helping consumers determine a suitable product or service. Excellent customer support coupled with generally high quality products promotes dependability and trust, something customers feel necessary currently. Establishing a positive association to a product and company creates a positive brand that customers feel will provide them with status and excellent. That connection is what increases sales and ultimately promotes high profits.

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With this in mind, the reason why employees working for Apple are able to maintain such quality service depends largely to the methods Apple uses to create high employee retention. For the company to continually maintain and attract good workers as well as recruit the best employees in the market, Apple felt the need to implement a total rewards package that provides various benefits and fulfills certain needs of employees like insurance and vacation. The rewards program offers a standard medical, education assistance benefits, 401K, as well as travel due to its international status, adoption assistance, stock options, family care, employee purchase discount plans, fitness and wellness benefits including convenience services that provide commuting alternatives to work and lastly a concierge service for booking personal appointments.

Without the use of the Total Rewards Program, Apple would lose valuable employees to other competitors like Google, that have amazing rewards and benefits, making their customer service ranked highest among its competitors. One major external factor that can influence Apple's survivability in their sector is employee retention. If employees find it difficult and receive fewer benefits or pay in their current job, they will take their skills and expertise to another company, leaving Apple with the less qualified employees that project less effort and confidence. Customers then become unhappy with the products and services and sales and profit face steep declines.

By addressing the basics emphasized in the organization overview and adding acquiescence with governing environments, it guarantees creation of a successful program. The first indispensable aspect is providing calculated perspective. A well-formulated and interconnected compensation viewpoint pushes organizational success communicating rewards, pay and business approach. It establishes the basis for plan enterprise and administration and establishes continual and future plans to the business's standards and designed culture (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 25). Another significant aspect of an all-encompassing total rewards strategy is clearness. Apple's total rewards program and benefits can be viewed by anyone on the business's website.

This permits potential employees with a desire to find and location additional information on Apple Inc., to see what the corporation offers and continually offers on an ongoing basis. The website delivers certain benefits depending on country. Overall, Apple's compensation philosophy, exemplified by the rewards program allows for external factors like employee retention from decreasing due to better offers from their competitors. Emphasizing and encouraging excellence through providing service rewards such as employee of the month for individuals and team of the month for groups, and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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