Apple and K-12 Education Research Paper

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Apple and K-12 Education

The tools we use to teach the students of tomorrow are constantly evolving, and information technology is becoming increasingly mandatory for any educational institute to provide. The Twenty-first century will be defined by the technological advances that mankind will surely make, just as fast or faster than the advances made in the 20th century, which were by themselves extremely significant. (Look Back from the 1980s, 1) Two primary problems have created difficulty in schools' abilities to provide this resource to their students, the first is lack of funding, and the second is lack of knowledgeable teaching staff. Apple Computers has been a pioneer on the subject of education, as they have held a higher education discount for a decade, as well as education discounts for institutions that wish to use Apple Computers. I believe that in partnership with Apple Computers, K-12 schools can work out agreements to provide Apple computers to teach students about technology.

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The reason Apple has been chosen over its competitors is the dual platform that Apple offers, in both the iMac and the iPad. (Apple in Education, 1) the iMac is a desktop computer that is sleek, simple, and futuristic in its appearance. Students will use the iMac to learn how to use a personal computer, to check email, to surf the Internet, and to learn how to use word and presentation applications. These tools are core to many highly educated people, and therefore perfecting this skill in the K-12 grade system is a priority. The iPad, a touch tablet that costs half the price of the iMac, is a tool that can be used with younger students who may use the tablet to learn how to read, to do math, or to perform other educational functions. The cost of the iPad 2 is now $400, and with an education discount, $350. This price may be within the range of most educational institutions, if they are supported by federal money for education. (iPad in Schools, 1)

Research Paper on Apple and K-12 Education Assignment

Students need the latest computers for education, because they need to be enthusiastic about picking up and using a modern piece of equipment. Only in this way will these students be able to learn the latest computer code, or the best new app. (Richtel, 1) Many students are unable to have access to computers at home, and therefore school is the only place where they have free use to explore the powers of the computer. Schools have believed in the importance of computers in the classroom for thirty years, and bought some of the very first computers to be used in education settings. Apple was one of the first companies to produce the personal computer, the Apple II, which was the first computer that was commonly adopted by schools at that time. Now, the premier source for technology is represented by Apple Computers, and schools are able to receive a generous discount on Apple's products for educational purposes, even highly valuable printing and camera software.

The American education system has been suffering for decades, with student skills on the constant decline, and teacher pay stagnating. Schools in underserved neighborhoods are falling apart, and privately run schools are taking many students out of their local school districts and into advanced private schools. The system of public education needs to be reformed, and has been attempted to be done so by two Presidents and two different bills, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top. No Child Left Behind changed the federal funding for school program to reward schools that succeed, and punish schools that fail. This system was seen as exceptionally harsh on teachers,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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