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¶ … nursing Theory

Middle range theory

The Middle range theory is one of the critical and functional theories relating to the management of nursing principles and practices in the society. According to this theory, there is a close relationship between nursing Theory and practices while carrying out nursing principles and activities. The theory proposes the importance of having nursing principles and theories being clued together within a smooth avenue of productivity. In order to meet the in innate and special needs within the society, it has become relevant to have measures of performance that will increase productivity and effectiveness within the nursing avenues. Middle range theory is relating to top management and the use of the equitable measures to solve problems arising from wrong managerial details in the nursing profession. For instance, it becomes difficult to relate between nursing theory and empirical activities. Therefore, Middle range theory is a lucrative theory that assists nurse and other professionals to work within a range of delivering to the best of their abilities in the society (Basford & Slevin, 2003).

Description of the problem

The Middle range theory is useful when it comes to management of problems and challenges that are experienced within the nursing education. Nursing education is one of the approaches of management that ensure all the nurses and other professionals in this field are assured of equitable scales of management in the field (Fitzpatrick & Kazer, 2012).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Application of Nursing Theory Assignment

Middle range theory is a general and applicatory field in every sphere involving nursing life and activities. The theory gives directions, guidelines, measurable outcomes, and the resultant effects of what takes place to a nurse. Every profession has its theories implicated together with the mission, vision, and key objectives. Middle range theory makes part of an institution or department's co-values and principles of success, equity, and legibility. For instance, within a nursing or doctorate profession, professionals are expected to conduct themselves within a given measure of specification. This trend of behavior is to be observed in the general activities or duties subdued to the individual. In the same case within the education profession, ethics exemplify the human interactive nature, extend, and mannerisms. This also applies all the way to the academic phenomenon of the profession as carrying out a research (Ziegler, 2005).

The Middle range theory is the only figure who first tracked the use of theory and practices in solving problems in the field of nursing

One of the scenarios of challenges in the field of nursing is that dealing with a nurse educator who is assigned to take over a large class of undergraduate nursing students, with a mix of young adults and adults returning for a second degree. The subject is difficult; students have not been doing well, and frustration and tempers are impeding group work. Within the scenario exemplified above, there are various Middle range theory issues for both the staff and students as far as education is concerned. The new facet to be introduced courtesy of one of the staff members is subject to numerous Middle range theory exemplifications. Middle range theory is a new technological tool supposed to be of immense importance to all the operations within the school ranging from administration, handling of financial documents, teaching of several subjects as nursing ethics, and the general entertainment among the staff members and students. What clearly comes out here is the fact that the nurse educator does not involve the differences amongst the other staff members, and the nursing students.

Nursing education is made courtesy of the Middle range theory and all the professionals of the school of nursing. Evidently, this Middle range theory is set to have a myriad influence on the classroom practices and student outcomes. To be more specific, Middle range theory is quite applicatory in science disciplines as mathematics. Hence, nurses who instruct students on these disciplines are also set to benefit from this theory. The education carried out to oversee the impact of Middle range theory on the lives of the nurse students. The profession is a clear tool, which should not be mired by prejudices and criticism. The nurses are a major impact in influencing the success of these Middle range theory principles within the nursing profession. The teaching staff is replicated in the scenario. The effects of the new teaching principles are to be felt by the nurses and the nursing fraternity together with the entire school. These effects will entail the positive aspects as well as the negative aspects of the health provision (Meleis, 2011).

In fact, Middle range theory carries in itself negative effects that could also improve with the normal nursing operations and nurse behaviors. The nursing teacher is a tool that can act against or for this Middle range theory. Hence, nurses are the basic determiners of success to be experienced by the nursing school. The staff, within the powers and educative responsibilities and powers bestowed in them, is legally bonded to the general outcome of the research that leads to the introduction of Middle range theory in school. Everything the staff does as regards the school is synonymous but replicated in the student's performances in terms of the discipline scores and behavioral perceptions. However, Middle range theory does is expected to show how the staff and students are set to work on education of the nurse and the other professionals in the field.

The entire governing stuff/teacher performance within a nursing school is not accepted of the fact that they are part of the school development and growth. The nursing teachers make up the nursing school and are part of every success and failure that the school is set to embrace. The nature and extent of discipline among every nursing student is subject to the performance of the teacher. Therefore, the introduction of Middle range theory tool by the nursing profession is subject to oversee every good work the school is to achieve. However, not all levels of nursing have been involved in the entire process of research and installation of the technology in the school.

Within the scientific setting of ethics governing nursing researches, the staff and students act as a subordinating machine that declares or makes every research a success or a failure. The staff fraternity must always strive to pose as tools of success and not obstacles to the general discipline and success of research and its exemplification within a school. Moreover, the nursing teachers, together with the various disciplines they administer are a big success, or receive the core influence of every technological research as done by the nursing professionals. The nursing education exemplified as problematic does not have measures to ensure enough security to its usage and access.

During nursing education, the nurses and their teachers are entitled to enjoy all professional and legal responsibilities as offered by the school. Acceptance to carry out the research should be accepted by all the stakeholders as the students, fellow staff members, and the school managerial avenues. Before carrying out and relaying the research to the entire school fraternity, the nursing profession should ensure that all the participants are willing to be part of this educational project. The educational nurses, including the students should be informed of the researcher's intentions together with their personal information. The respondents, the students in this case, should be relayed with sufficient and satisfactory information related to the survey experience. Moreover, the nursing students should be willing to participate again or repeatedly in a bid to ensure quality feedback from the respondents.

The students and other members of the staff subjected to the middle range theory must be available and confident enough to face the education needs as the theory stipulates. Middle range theory is to acclaim that the nursing students and the staff are the lifeblood of the research being undertaken by the nursing profession. Therefore, the nursing profession should be ready to offer closure protection to all the participants of the education since it is also meant to help and reinforce the technological performance of the school. The confidentiality to access the professionals, identify certain information with the client, carry out and determine certain analytical facts about the topic of study should be at a good disposal to the nurses carrying out the survey. The identity of the nurses and clients to offer responses could be disclosed to the other organs of the research organization since this is happening within a school. However, sources outside the immediate nursing school must be disclosed in situations where they are protected from abuse.

The research carried out by the nursing educator is essentially a mentorship program that is set to support the entire nursing fraternity. Therefore, the nursing school administration, teachers, and learners should strike a responsible and proper balance with a need to conduct research and activity within and outside the nursing schools and the requisite responses to be gathered from the respondents with the use of the Middle range theory. This should be done to avoid cases… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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