TQM Application at Ford Motors Essay

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Can TQM go wrong?

Although there are many successes that Ford could achieve through incorporation of TQM and Six Sigma processes, Challenges were bound to catch up with the organization through their path to succeeding. First of all, Ford lacked a strong definition of what quality meant for them. Secondly the company did not have a plan of transformation and a formidable leadership. The workforce was not motivated hence the inability of the company to fully achieve its TQM goals. The perception in Ford that TQM can be employed as a short term objective would not be long lived and would occasion obstacles in the process of implementing the plan. Through the improvement of leadership the challenges faced by Ford can be overcome. Monitoring and supervision of the progress made as well as resource provision could be helpful in overcoming the underlined obstacles.

Where did Ford go wrong and why they started losing profits and customers?

Ford confused on Total Quality Management with Quality Control ( Tuckman, 1994), TQM was part of the entire process of production means all elements of the firm were strongly connected and involved in Quality Management, and it is what they are focusing developing a quality product (Weller, 1998).

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So what happened in 2009? The year started with $750 million profit and finished with a $2.7 billion loss (Bunkley, 2010), According to the outlook of Jackson et al. (2016), the overall quality of the business process strongly influences the loyalty and retention of the customers. It, therefore, tends to low quality production and low revenue collection of the organization leading to the dissatisfaction of the employees.

While looking at the whole story of Ford Motors, quality standards one needs to understand, that they were not wrong while implementing Six sigma or any other quality protocols but they need to constantly revisit the business process, market, customers and constantly evolving, that is where family businesses usually lack what does that have to do with Ford have to (De Vries, 1993).

Figure 4 Six Sigma Methodology

Source: Pyzdek, (2003)

Essay on TQM Application at Ford Motors Assignment

Ford is still following their old Quality rules in 1990s and their financial statement says it’s high time (Hammer, 1990) to look at what they are doing and where the industry is moving. They moved their Six sigma forward towards DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) which is the part of six sigma but more structural and controlled approach towards it (Hoerl, 2001). According to Ford Chief Engineer Art Hyde, besides implementing DMAIC they also tried to build an overall strategy for consistency in their teams (Brewer 2004). So, by moving forward with six sigma to DMAIC they did not only build their overall strategy but also the engineering department agrees “The design and engineering analysis process makes it possible for problems, that previously may not have surfaced until product launch, to be caught and corrected in the virtual world through the DMAIC process.” (Berger, 2003).

Since the process of total quality management has started with commitment from employees, the design and engineering analysis process made it possible for problems that previously may not have surfaced until product launch, to be caught and corrected in the virtual world through the DMAIC process (Camillus, 2008).


TQM is long term path and it needs patience and sustainable way of management and daily process, in addition to that the environment has to be ready and positive, there are many examples of companies who tried to implement TQM in their business and failed miserably because of two basic reasons, first is as they couldn’t take care of the change management process or they failed to implement all 6 Cs of TQM.


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