Case Study: Applied Theories Ethics

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[. . .] Profit in this case creates a perverse incentive. Yes you can profit from the creation of useful product, but you do not need a good or useful product in order to make a profit. Where McDonough and Kelman agree, and where I agree as well, is that a better system, one conceived with an entirely different set of objectives in mind, would not approve of this banana. It is not because they wish to see Ugandans starve, or worse be forced to eat tubers for their starch, it is because they want to see Ugandans thrive. There is a threat posed by Black Sigatoka, but humanity cannot out-innovate all of the problem that nature will throw its way. Only nature can the demonstrated capability to out-innovate its own threats. Intransigence -- not wanting to risk giving up bananas -- is a needless constraint. GMO crops are not the solution to any genuine problem, at least they are not a solution that exists without cost. There are other solutions to these problems that, if conceived properly are integrative, in line with the natural world, and solve problems at a deeper level. A GMO banana is a Band-Aid, good for healing small cuts, but useless for solving the major problems we face in this world with respect to hunger, health and environmental degradation.


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