Applying to Doctor of Pharmacy Program? Helping Term Paper

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¶ … applying to Doctor of Pharmacy Program?

Helping others help themselves. Teaching others so they can learn to take proactive steps to care for themselves and to administer their medications correctly. These are some of the central missions and goals of every pharmacist. My aptitude in the sciences, my desire to help patients, and my ability to put complex concepts into simple and comprehensible terms fuel my drive to enter the profession of pharmacy.

I have always had a strong aptitude in the sciences. I majored in biology as an undergraduate and am currently pursuing graduate certification in project management. The latter will be an asset to me if (and hopefully when) I am called upon to fulfill a managerial role at a pharmacy or hospital. I also work as real estate salesperson. Daily, I must deploy my communication skills to interact effectively with clients and match buyers with the houses of their dreams. This job requires me to talk one-on-one with people and to make the process of buying a home understandable to the uninitiated homebuyer in a confusing marketplace. I chose this job because it would provide me with the financial security to pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist and to hone my teaching and speaking skills which are critical to succeeding in the profession of pharmacy.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Applying to Doctor of Pharmacy Program? Helping Assignment

My dream of becoming a pharmacist first arose a few years ago when my aunt suffered a stroke. The stroke paralyzed her left side of her body. At first my aunt and my family feared that the independent woman we knew was gone forever. But I witnessed how, with the aid of modern medicine, my aunt was able to regain a life of quality and dignity. Of course her medications were supplemented with physical therapy. But the difference… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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