Essay: Aquaculture Biotechnology

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Aquaculture and Biotechnology as Methods to Addressing World Hunger

The emphasis on fishery operations that are treated in the same

fashion as the world's land-born farming operations is something of a

double edge sword. Though it may potentially promote more sustainable

practices than free-roaming fishing operations, some tactics such as the

use of antibiotics can potentially introduce dangerous and problematic new

elements to the ecosystem. (Wikipedia, 1) Given the bleak projections for

the immediate future of available water-born food supplies, greater

regulation is necessary before we can approve too strongly of aquaculture.

Thus, there is more of an inclination to push for biotechnology methods as

a way to actually increase the food supply.

Of late, world hunger experts have begun to see virtue in employing

methods of agriculture in such developing nations as India which would

allow for a diminished need for the implementation of insecticidal measures

that could contribute to an already stifling and reciprocating problem for

the nation. And there is reason of optimism according to recent findings

regarding the potential benefits of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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