Arab-Israeli Conflict Has Been Going Term Paper

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¶ … Arab-Israeli conflict has been going on for decades, ever since the state of Israel has been born, with religion differences as a main motive. Allegedly, religion is only one of the latest reasons, as the war had been lasting for centuries, with several other reasons for the divergences between Israeli and several Arab states.

Israelis have considered themselves imperiled by their neighbors, regarding them as enemies, superior in both size and numbers. The state has leaded numerous wars against its supposed aggressors, in a safe approach, attempting to move the battle front to enemy territory. The state of Israel has also been notorious for running nuclear programs to facilitate help in overcoming their military forces deficiency and also holding an advantage over traditional military power.

In spite of the fact that Israel has made peace with several Arabian countries, its major enemy remained Palestine, a state that represents a symbol for the Arabs fighting against Israelis everywhere. It appears that the Palestinians and the Israelis are unable to coexist as both the nations rely on the same territory as belonging to their people and the Jewish political nature of the Israelis is contributing to their nationalist idea and vice-versa with the Muslim political nature of the Palestinians.

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Presently, there is a crisis situation between Israel and the Arabs, even with a number of peace treaties signed involving the two. Several outlines of the story can be anticipated, with both good and bad endings. A final truce would be everyone's hope, but that would involve great sacrifices from both parties, sacrifices that neither are willing to take at the moment from an analysis of the general situation. A feasible reason for the truce will be the recognition of the fact that the war might never end, neither of the parts being disposed to accept defeat.

Term Paper on Arab-Israeli Conflict Has Been Going on for Assignment

An armistice between the two and the acceptance of peacefully living together would be benefic for both nations, although it wouldn't be among the safest solution to the problem and almost impossible, considering the fact that both nations hold extremist camps that are ready to resort to terrorism and mostly any mean and method to reach their fanatical goals. A state of security would need to be put in practice for peace to last. This would involve great political intervention and disagreements between politicians and political parties.

Severe measures would be necessary for the Arabs and the Israelis to co-exist in peace. The Israelis are rather experienced in living in peace with former aggressors, having gone trough the Holocaust. Currently the state of Israel would be short of significant threats to its existence in case of a peace agreement, mostly due to the fact that in the last two decades most Arab states have either lost their power or reached peace resolutions with the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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