Arab Spring: The Political Movement Term Paper

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Hosni Mubarak was also tried in court in August, the same year, for the responsibility of the dead protestors in the revolution. The following month, the military announced that parliament's election will be help in November which will be followed by elections for the new president. The military would still be in charge after the elections to ensure that the right democracy sets in and the parliament would thus be answerable to the military till the time that the new constitution and government was in place and functioning well. This transition of governance was anticipated to continue till 2013. Yet, even nearing the end of 2013, Egypt's future and governance still seems to be unclear (Aa, 2011).

Arab Spring and terrorism activity in Egypt

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The overall impact and conclusions from the first election since the revolution in Egypt are clear indications of what is in store. The Islamic communities in the country have increased their popularity and thus are experiencing more power in the region. This is primarily so because most Muslim communities like the 'Muslim Brotherhood' are strong advocates of democracy and the ending of the tyrannous rule of the Egyptian military. On the other hand, creating havoc seems to be part of the agenda for groups like 'Muslim Brotherhood' so as to serve their hidden or ulterior interests. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been accused of bribing the locals in the election to attain votes from the locals which does not encourage a very democratic stance. It was February 11 when Mubarak resigned and the West-supported Egyptian military took over, however the purpose with which the revolution began seems to be lost again as the hunger for power overcomes the demand for democracy. This could lead to increased tensions and breeding grounds for terrorism (Lutterbeck, 2013).

Impact of the Arab Spring on the state and non-state sponsored terrorism in Egypt

Term Paper on Arab Spring: The Political Movement Assignment

It is no secret that the U.S. has double standards when it comes to democracy i.e. defending democratic structure for their own people and denying it to nations around the world like Israel and Palestine. It is the Arab Spring and the string of revolutions in it that is challenging this approach to democracy and the double standards of the West. The Arab world has lost faith in the ways and policies of the West due to recent failed implementations and thus the Arab world seems to be promoting a very modern, practical and innovative Islamic approach for governance. Islam is recognized as a solution and the future. Replacing local dictators with foreign puppet dictators is no longer good enough and it is this realization in the masses that makes the penetration of an Islamic approach not only possible, but also probable (Lutterbeck, 2013).


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