Arabic Perceptions of Franks Reaction Paper

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Muslim Interpretation of the Crusades

The first of the important events (in chronological order) that Malouf identifies in his work of non-fiction entitled Crusades Through Arab Eyes is that which is largely known as the beginning of the Crusades. Specifically, this event is Pope Urban II's announcement at Clermont in 1095 that infidels had taken over significant portions of what he perceived as the Holy Roman Empire, and that crusaders should go to take back that land. It is important to realize that the Crusades actually began in Nicaea and started off auspiciously for the Arab occupants of this territory. Peter the Hermit led a Frankish army that was handily rebuffed by Kilij Arsla. However, when the Franks returned a year later, they were much better prepared and had a substantially larger force than that which they began the Crusades with, and were able to successfully conquer a succession of Arabic states including, most imminently, with the sacking of Jerusalem in 1099. They would go on to control that state (which has immense significance in Christianity) until the end of the 12th century.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Reaction Paper on Arabic Perceptions of Franks Assignment

The author also details a number of important cultural implications the Crankish occupation of these territories that were traditionally Arabic. The first is that the Arabic people generally regarded the Frankish invaders as savages who attacked them without provocation. Malouf also emphasizes the fact that the success of the Frankish armies was largely based on a dearth of solidarity of the Arabic forces. One of the particular weaknesses towards the hegemony of Arabia during the time depicted in Malouf's narrative is intrinsically related to succession. Many of the Arabic states would digress and lose whatever unity was had after the death of an important ruler -- at which point numerous princes would vie for power and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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