Archaeology Archaeological Contributions to Society Essay

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Archaeological Contributions to Society

Archaeology is the study of human society, the way we live today and they way people lived in the past. It is the study and recovery of materials from the past, materials and other data that have been left behind by previous generations (Sabloff, 1-152). Artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes that are researched, studied and utilized to gain information about the time and people of the era ("Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). In this paper I will discuss the contributions that archeology has made to contemporary and future societies and the role Archaeology plays in my life. I will also discuss how the information provided by archaeology has contributed to measures that will help save our species.

Archaeology is a major part of our culture. Archaeology has provided us with materials for our museums, libraries and continues to influences many general processes of our daily lives. Materials found and interpreted by archaeology have allowed our generation to better understand our ancestors. It has provided us with information about our past and given us direction for our future. Archaeological findings have changed the way we look at history and changed our understanding of the past. Archaeology is an essential part of our society, mainly because it influences our culture and helps to shape our future.

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Archaeology has made major contributions to contemporary society. Research in the field of archaeology has provided scientist, law makers, politicians and other decision makers with vital information about previous societies. It helps us understand the relationship between the past, the present and the future. Archaeology has given us information about how the environment has changed over time, and how these changes can affect us today and in the future.

TOPIC: Essay on Archaeology Archaeological Contributions to Society Assignment

Archaeological findings have helped Peruvian farmers changed their farming techniques; they have utilized the information learned to increase their crop yields and benefited as a society. This information is being used in Peru by city planners to reduce landfills and create a better society by increasing tourism and other types of development (Safloff, 2008). Archaeological findings about the ancient Mayans in Mexico have made significant contributions to that community. Findings have provided the community with information about the way Mayans lived, about their society, about the different classes of people that existed at the time. These significant archaeological findings have changed the conventional thinking about the history of Mexico, and have created new developments about the past, and changed the culture-focused archaeology of contemporary times.

Archaeological findings have provided us with information that will help us make predictions for the future. These findings have allowed scientist to make predictions about the climate variability in the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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