Architectural Principles of the Medieval Period Essay

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Architectural Principles of the Medieval Period

There is a very close connection that can be seen between the architectural efforts and achievements of medieval cultures and the cultural visions and experiences that these architectural constructions were intended to express. The astounding structures that were fashioned by medieval cultures also show evidence of certain architectural principles and techniques that were central to building and construction at that time. Architectural principles and design techniques have developed constantly as humankind has utilised the tools necessary to complete such construction projects.

The architectural principles found during this time show evidence of the connection between architecture and religious themes and principles that were dominate at the time. This time frames ranges from the Byzantine Empire to the Gothic Period. Each period represents a major step in the development of fundamental architectural concepts that have proven vital for the development of Western architecture. There were many essential periods within each medieval historical context that highlight the main developments that have fostered the extension and evolution of architectural principles throughout the various historical frameworks.

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The Byzantine architects incorporated the advanced usage of science based on sophisticated principles of physics and mathematics in order to create their churches. An increase use of brick and plaster together with more geospatial complexity in the design and construction of the architecture in addition to stone were incorporated into the development of public infrastructure at the time. The architecture of this time period incorporated very specific dimensions and angles as to emphasize certain features of the design. The cross-in-square was the dominant architectural form of middle Byzantine churches, which marked a decided departure from the oblong ground plan of the basilica, which had been seen previously. This architectural influence was pandemic in its effectuating influence all through the known world.

Essay on Architectural Principles of the Medieval Period There Assignment

Likewise, Islamic architecture also contributed to the advancement of design and architectural principles that were then employed in later European architecture. Islamic architecture represented the connection between the secular and religious. The architectural styles were not separate in these two arenas. Islamic architectural style is embodied in structures that benefited society the most. This architectural style with its recurring mathematical designs is easily recognizable even today. The essential structures of Islamic architecture were introduced previous to the seventh century. Essential features of Islamic architecture include the crescent arch, the vault, the dome, buttresses, columns, and beams. These features are what distinguished Islamic building construction from Christian building construction. However, Islamic architecture also had an influence on some types of buildings in Europe.

The history of castles has a substantial level of association with the Crusades and the exchange of architecture amid the disparate cultures which co-existed in the Holy Land throughout that time period. Castles were mainly made out of stone,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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