Stahl and Neutra: Mid-Century Modern Houses Term Paper

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I noticed that the small rooms in the house were all kind of prearranged around a staircase that appears to be open and that also has "serious, incorporated furniture, all they all were in tones that were very neutral.

It has been mentioned that the "house's strength came from its chronological characteristic: Light, air and water were meant to encourage a life that is wholesome."

The home became Neutra's third payment in the United States and then was constructed four years later after the Lovell Health House in Los Feliz.

The Research House then eventually became the emphasis of a group of ten Neutra- planned momes on Argent Place that is really overseeing the Silver Lake.

In comparing this household with Stahl, I would have to say that the maintenance in keeping up the architecture has been very poor. The Stahl house is constantly being made sure that its historic view is being well-kept-up. The historically seminal house, located 2300 E. Silver Lake Blvd., is in high levels of decay and there isn't enough help to save it, as of now.

Silver Lake neighborhood is located in the heart of Los Angeles with a recorded modern architecture pedigree, and Los Angeles often tells the world about its fatherhood of so called midcentury residential architecture that takes full advantage of the friendly climate and the economy of simple lines, advocating modest life styles, minimizing consumption, in its real purpose and message.

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Contributions that LA/California has designed

Modern architecture according to the LA/California design is generally branded by popularization of shape and creation of decoration from the assembly and melody of the building. This type of architect is what has had an impact on America. Modern architecture from LA/California is a term that has applied to an all-encompassing movement, with its meticulous meaning and scope that is varying widely.

Term Paper on Stahl and Neutra: Mid-Century Modern Houses Assignment

In a broader sense, early modern architecture began at the turn of the 20th century in California and quickly spread across America with efforts to settle the values motivating architectural intention with prompt technological progression and the modernization of civilization. The spread of the design from California would take the form of different kind of movements, schools of design, and architectural elegances, some in tightness with each other, and frequently in the same way defying such classification. [1]

The concept of modernism in California would be a central theme in these efforts as it influenced other states. Increasing popularity after the Second World War, architectural modernism in other states was adopted by many influential architects and architectural educators, from California and maintains as a leading architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings all the way into the current day of 21st century. Modernism from California ultimately produced responses, most particularly Postmodernism which pursued to conserve pre- contemporary basics, while Neomodernism had come on to the scene as a response to Postmodernism design which started in California and spread to the surrounding states.

In the states outside California, there are numerous lenses within which the development of modern architecture was viewed as they began to get influenced by the designs in LA/California. A lot of experts actually view it as a social situation, closely connected to the development of Modernity and therefore the Enlightenment. Modern architecture in other states developed, in their opinion, as a result of social and political revolutions which spreaded from California and throughout all America.

Some people believe that the Modern architecture that influenced America for LA was mainly driven by engineering and technological developments. However, other historians look at Modernism as a substance of taste, a response in contradiction of eclecticism and the extravagant stylistic extremes of Victorian and Edwardian architecture that did not come from LA/California but New York. In other words they think that New York designs had a more influence of America than California.

Architects from California who worked in the Global designs desired to fracture with architectural tradition and come up with simple, simple buildings that would soon influence America. The most commonly used materials which started in California are glass for the frontage (customarily a wall of curtains), steel for exterior support, like the Stahl home and floors made up of concrete and inside reinforces; floor designs were practical and rational. The design turned out to be more obvious in the design of skyscrapers from LA which would later influence other cities all through America. Maybe its most well-known displays comprise of the headquarters at the United Nations the Seagram Building and the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

In the United States, a noticeable initial housing example was the Lovell House in Los Angeles, planned by Austrian emigrant Richard Neutra in the mid1920s. As mentioned before, some other instances comprise the Case Study Houses. Custom-built somewhere around1945 and 1966, the thirty or so houses that were constructed chiefly in and around Los Angeles, planned by designers for example Neutra and Americans Charles and Ray Eames (the Eames House) over the years have influenced hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over America since their finishing up, and have persuaded a lot architects over the years from all fifty states. These and additional Modern residences manage to emphasis on civilizing the otherwise cruel ideal, making them more functional and eventually more interesting to people that are real all around America.


After viewing both the Stahl and Neutra homes, it is clear that each residence has brought a significant mark on architecture history. Both houses the house is considered an iconic symbol of contemporary architecture in Los Angeles throughout the 20th century. It is also clear the LA/California designs have made more of an impact on America than we previously knew. The continual interest on California designs and their persistent impression on our nation appear to be a trend that will never die.

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