Is the Architecture of Michelangelo Mannerist? Essay

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¶ … Michelangelo's art. Specifically it will discuss the architecture of Michelangelo and whether it was the Mannerism style or not. Mannerism refers to a time of European art that began around 1520 in Italy, and lasted until around 1580 to 1600, when the Baroque style of art and architecture began to replace it, but it did continue in many forms until the 17th century. The characteristics of Mannerism include artificial qualities that go against the harmonious, natural elements of High Renaissance art, and a great deal of sophistication, complexity and innovation in design. Michelangelo was one of the greatest practitioners of Mannerism for several reasons.

Elegance and innovation are two of the primary elements of Mannerism, and Michelangelo certainly practiced both those elements in his art. Some of his greatest architectural and artistic endeavors contain these elements, combined with sophistication in the design and execution of the works. Think of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, which Michelangelo conceived and developed. The paintings on the ceilings have stood the test of time, and retain their beauty, complexity and eloquence even today. In addition, the concept of painting on the ceiling of a wondrous piece of architecture was also one of Michelangelo's innovations, illustrating how he actively participated in the Mannerism movement.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Is the Architecture of Michelangelo Mannerist? Assignment

In architecture, Michelangelo also excelled as a Mannerist. One Web site note, "Mannerist architects were no less interested in ancient classical architecture than were their predecessors, but they found other qualities in ancient Roman architecture to exploit. In fact, they often displayed an even greater knowledge of antiquity than did earlier artists" ("Italian Mannerism," 2008). Michelangelo's greatest architectural achievements, such as the Laurentian Library in Florence, helped indicate he was a Mannerist by its' blatant breaking of many architectural rules of the time, showing not only its elegance, but its novelty and sophistication, as well. For example, Michelangelo uses classic design in this building, but adds a new way of assembling them… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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