Architecture and Urban Transformation: Revisioning Thesis

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(Kaan, et al., 2011)

The boundary that exists between architecture and urbanism is such that is "constantly being exceeded in both directions." (Kaan, et al., 2011)

The work entitled "The Experience City and Challenges for Architects and Urban Designers" states "Modern city life is more than the simple reproduction of the workforce, about light, health and welfare. As mentioned, city life also increasingly has to do with procuring experiences and entertainment. The cities are therefore in the process of establishing themselves as stages for culture and city life that call for new architectural typologies, new types of urban spaces, and an urban planning that supports the novelties that are afoot." (Nordisk Arkitekturforskning, 2008)

Findings of the Initial Research

There are many considerations that must necessarily be included in the examination of redesign of a contemporary city so as to ensure the maximum and optimal use of space and place toward the design of an interconnected and functional city that best serves its citizens both in function and in form.

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This study has only barely skimmed the surface of the literature relating to architecture and design considerations for the contemporary city but has demonstrated that there are myriad considerations in this initiative. The recommendation arising from this study is one that indicates the need for research on the Footscray reenvisioning initiative for the purpose of understanding the theoretical bases and the requirements for contemporary urban architecture and development in this city.


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Thesis on Architecture and Urban Transformation: Revisioning Assignment

Leikina, Daria (nd) Exposure and Transition. March, Studio… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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