Argument on American Education Focusing on American Culture and History Essay

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In the study of literature, there are those short stories that are written, which have a profound impact upon the world that we live in. One such story is: When Mr. Pirzada came to Dine, where the author discusses the role between a Pakistani studying in America and an American Indian family in 1971. What happens is: Mr. Pirzada is studying in New England at a major university. During his time there, he befriends and dines with and American Indian family every night. With the story being told through the eyes of their daughter, Lila, who has grown up in the United States and only knows about her culture, from what she learns from her parents as well as on television. During the course of their dinners, Lilia begins to discover that Mr. Pirzada has a family in Dacca, Pakistan. At the time, the region is struggling with a civil war along with the increased tensions between India and Pakistan. During the course of these dinners, is when Lilia begins to learn about the world beyond what she is studying in school (American and European history). During the course of the story, Lila becomes emotionally tied to Mr. Pirzada's and the conflict that is occurring, by praying for their safety. At which point, Mr. Pirzada returns to the Dacca and is reunited with his family (despite the total amount of devastation). It is as this point the story ends, with Lila being glad that Mr. Pirzada is with someone he loves, while missing him at the same time. This is significant, because it shows how what is taught in the classroom, can have a dramatic impact upon the views of the individual. Where, the ideas presented will influence the student outside of the classroom, despite their cultural background. To determine the underlying effects requires: examining how this makes students close minded, the importance of learning world history and how this is an injustice. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how the ideas presented inside the classroom, can influence students.

TOPIC: Essay on Argument on American Education Focusing on American Culture and History Assignment

Students are closed-minded to other areas of the world because the main focus in public school history classes is United States history.

In the story, it highlights how what is being taught at school will have an impact upon the individual. Where, the students will focus on the ideas and views that they are being taught, by the teacher, as a part of the required curriculum. This is important, because these ideas will shape the views of the individual, about how they see the world around them. In the story, this is illustrated by Lila not understanding the impact of what is happening in Dacca, despite the fact that her parents are from India. As a result, she understands the issue from more of an isolationist standpoint, as she looks at what is happening, based upon what she did or did not learn in school. Evidence of this can be seen in the passage where it says, "What exactly do they teach you at school? Do you study history? Geography? Lilia has plenty to learn at school, my mother said. "We live here now, she was born here." This is significant, because it shows how despite Lilia parents coming from India, they view her as an American. These views would shape how she sees what is happening in Pakistan, as see goes from indifference to worry, then to relief.

If children are not taught about the history of the world at school, it's not of importance at home.

A second issue that the story discusses is: how if children are not taught world history, they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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