Aristotle and His Contribution to Mathematics Term Paper

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¶ … Aristotle and his contribution to mathematics and mathematical concepts. Specifically it will discuss his life and contributions, including other mathematicians he worked with or influenced. Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians of all time, lived from 384 B.C. To 322 B.C. He was born in Macedonia, and spent most of his adult life in Greece as a student of Plato, and then as a teacher and philosopher. He also lived on the island of Lesbos for a time, and was the teacher of Alexander the Great for a time. He also tutored Eudemus of Rhodes, who wrote a history of geometry, and Theophrastus of Lesbos (Lane). He died at the age of sixty-three in Chalcis, after being exiled from Greece for being "anti-Greek."

Aristotle is not thought of primarily as a mathematician, but rather a philosopher and biologist or scientist. In fact, many historians believe he actually left the Academy of Plato because he placed too much of an emphasis on mathematics in his instruction. Plato did influence many of his philosophies, however, which means he at least indirectly influenced his theories on logic.

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However, Aristotle did contribute greatly to mathematics, particularly in the areas of deductive logic and geometry. One of the most famous theories he offered to geometry is that of triangles in circles. He discovered that a triangle drawn in a semi-circle is a right triangle, and this is always the case. It is one of his best known geometric theories, and one that many people consider the most valuable, because it helps define the "logical" rules of geometry that define this area of mathematics. Logic was perhaps his greatest contribution to mathematics, because it made the science of mathematics more effective and easier to understand.

Term Paper on Aristotle and His Contribution to Mathematics and Assignment

Aristotle wrote heavily on logic, and how to apply logic to the sciences, such as mathematics. He wrote his theories in the "Organon," which contained six different treatises about logic. One writer notes, "Organon' is the Greek word for 'tool,' and this title expresses the idea that these six… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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