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Some managers have also argued that some employees give their personal best when they are listened to. Therefore, the employees should be inspired, listened to and they should be spoken to. By these means, trust develops between the employee and the manager and the employee starts to give better results than before.

When a company, organization or a firm becomes the best workplace for the employees as well as the managers, there is nothing that can stop that company from making a great deal of profit. When there is trust in the organization then even in times of loss or downfall, the employees come together on a single platform with the single objective of pulling the company out of recess. This is possible when there is a strong between the employees and the managers and between the employees themselves. Once the company recovers from the loss, the employees are ready to lead the rally.

The policies of the companies have a big role to play for making them great places to work at. It does not matter what the company does, but what matters is how the company does it. If the policies are designed such that they make it possible for the employees to enjoy a healthy work relationship with each other, then the company will definitely become one of the best places to work at.

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The first idea of Aristotle pertaining to the civic relationships, which has been discussed in this paper, is friendship; both personal and civic. As discussed in the previous section of the paper, a friendly relationship among the employees and between the employees and the management is important to the employees as well as the employers or the managers. Aristotle argued that civic friendship is quite important for the benefit of all the community. The community that we are discussing in this paper can be considered to be a company or an organization. When the members of this community enjoy a civic friendship with each other, there is consensus between them. Whenever there is an issue of any sort, all the members come together on a single platform to find a way out for that problem and therefore the results of the consensus are almost always beneficial for everyone in one way or the other. The second argument that was given by Aristotle about friendship and justice was that if friendship exists in a place, there is no need for justice (Garver, 2009). This argument can also be applied to the environment of a company since when the employees become friends with each other, they do not snub each other and that results in minimal office politics and conflicts. As far as justice is concerned, when all the employees are friends with each other and the well-wishers of each other, injustice does not exist in such an organization.

The second idea of Aristotle that has been discussed is that of virtue and happiness. When comparing it to the contemporary notions of the best workplaces, virtue can be compared with good policies of the company. It has been explained in the above text that only good laws result in the development of good virtues and character. When the management of the company decides to make policies such that these policies result in the development of trust between the management and the employees, the employees will work at their best. Moreover, the policies of the organization should make the environment of the company so friendly that all the employees work together as a family.

Happiness is another idea that is related to the ethics explained by Aristotle. When employees start liking the place where they are working and that place becomes the best workplace for them, they really want to payback the company by performing well. Therefore, in the setting of an organization, happiness is the attainment of the goals that have been set by the company. When the management of the company as well as the employees come together and work as a family with trust, the objectives are not very hard to achieve. Once these objectives are achieved, happiness is experienced by the employees and the managers.


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