Aristotle on the Web Aristotle: Different Website Term Paper

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Aristotle on the Web

Aristotle: Different Website Agendas?

Aristotle was one of the great founders of Greek ethical, scientific, mathematical, and human philosophy, and perhaps the greatest founder of modern, critical scientific empiricism. Thus, to type in the word 'Aristotle' brings a plethora of responses from the Google search engine. The first such finding, from the World Book Online reference center, contains an introduction to the life, teachings, and historical significance of its subject. Its main concern is to convey the complex and intimidating subject of Greek philosophy to a layperson in factual terms, and its agenda, if it can be expressed as a covert and sneaky word as 'agenda' is to lure students to seek out the philosopher's writings with greater interest and depth, as it provides many helpful links to pages with the complete texts of Aristotle's actual writings.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Aristotle on the Web Aristotle: Different Website Assignment

Aristotle's notable achievements as a mathematician is specifically highlighted by St. Andrew's College in Scotland, part of a database of the theories and biographies of the world's great thinkers in that discipline. As well as providing a briefer but still accurate biography like the aforementioned World Book web page, this site attempts to extrapolate the mathematical contributions of Aristotle to human history from the rest of Aristotle's texts. Its agenda, as such is to claim Aristotle as a mathematical philosopher as well as a philosopher of human ethics and nature. It has a highly linkable hypertext, ideal for students, although its vocabulary would be more suitable for students of a college level or above, although not simply for math students. The point-of-view of this site is also to present Aristotle as a progenitor of rigorous reasoning, stressing the presence of this frame of mind even back in the days of the ancient Greeks, a frame of mind clearly the department hopes to embody today, in contrast to medieval moral reasoning and the lack of rigor present often in the humanities -- Aristotle stood against such traditions, the site suggests, even before they existed.

Likewise, the "Evolution Homepage" of the University of California at Berkley, rather unsurprisingly, has a similarly specific agenda as the mathematics professors who assembled the web page of St. Andrew's -- only the purpose of this site is to claim Aristotle as part of the legacy of scientific achievement, not mathematics. Aristotle's discussion and division of the natural world of animals and meteorological phenomenon is noted,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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