How the Army Manages Transformation Essay

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¶ … Army Manages Transformation -- General George Casey

Part ONE, summary: The author of this article / interview, J.P. Donlon, introduces the article by pointing out that the American combat involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq showed leaders that clearly, those actions were "organizationally out of balance." They were out of balance because the new battlefield involves terrorism, and so the U.S. Army must be fine-tuning counterterrorism strategies. General Casey was asked to explain when the realization was made that big changes were needed. He said the need for the transformation came about following September 11. The new army will have a "versatile mix of multipurpose forces," he said, in answer to Donlon's question. There will be many units, including intelligence, engineers, logistics, and communication units, and new training will be required, he continued.

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How will technology be used in the new configuration of the army? Casey was asked. One thing he emphasized was the need for training, starting at the highest levels of the military. "We sill send a senior brigadier to a university's business school for a week," he explained, and following that that officer will take an "advanced course" within a specific industry so he will understand how to employ that particular technology in an army context (Donlon). The general said he will be visiting computer giant DELL in Texas, not to learn about the computer or digital technologies, but to see how DELL deals with organizational change. He had recently also gone to Google and Cisco to see how they use technology "to enhance their ability to adapt" (Donlon).

Essay on How the Army Manages Transformation Assignment

When asked about the military threat that China might pose, he dodged the question; when asked about the recession and how the army intends to convince Congress to go along with the cost of transforming the army, he said "we can't afford not to modernize" (Donlon). The general ended with the statement that it takes "vision and courage" for a leader to go forward; he must "look to the future & #8230;and say, 'OK, this is what we are doing'" (Donlon).

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