Army Problem Solving vs. Rapid Decision-Making and Synchronization Process Essay

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Army problem solving vs. Rapid decision making

The concept of problem solving is a daily occurrence in the military and it is a systematic way of arriving at the best possible solution to a crisis or a problem. It also involves risk management techniques that need the army leaders to remain objective while undertaking such decisions and can be used to gauge individuals' critical thinking skills (Business Dictionary, 2011). The seven most important stapes in solving problems in the army are as follows;

Identification of the problem- this is one of the most crucial steps since the real problem may not be as obvious as it seems. There should be sufficient time and energy directed towards the identification of the problem. There should be much focus on the root cause of the problem as the symptoms may just be the reasons why the problem was identified. The critical questions at this step that will help in the identification of the problem are who does the problem affect? What is affected? When did the problem occur? Where is the problem? And why did the problem occur?

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Gathering of information- once the problem has been identified, there is a continuous gathering of information that goes on to the very last step of the problem solving. One of the most significant sources of information are the primary sources which includes people with the first hand experience of the problem and may be witnessed the problem. Here, there are two types of information that will help in proceeding with the problem solving; facts-verifiable pieces of information with objective reality and assumptions-pieces of information accepted as being true in the absence of facts. The army leader will also look into the opinions which are personal views of various people. Then he will organize the information so as to verify its accuracy. There should be two or more people who are supposed to verify the factual aspects of the gathered information.

Essay on Army Problem Solving vs. Rapid Decision-Making and Synchronization Process Assignment

Develop criteria- this is the next step where a standard test or rule by which the information gathered will be judged is developed, it is the measure of value of the pieces of information. The test of suitability has five major aspects as Suitability-does the criteria solve the problem and is it legal and ethical, Feasibility-fits within available resources, Acceptability-worth the cost or risk, Distinguish-ability-differs significantly from other solutions and Completeness-contains the critical aspects of solving the problem from start to finish.

Generate possible solutions-at this stage the army leaders will consider the opinions and advice of their seniors and advance some few and most relevant solutions to the problems that are at hand, bearing in mind that too many options may result into wasted time. This stage has two major aspects as generate options i.e. State the problem and make sure all participants understand it, appoint someone to record all ideas, withhold judgment of ideas, encourage independent thoughts, aim for quantity, not quality, combine one's thoughts with those of others. Summarize the solution in writing and sketches -- the army leader accurate records each plausible solution in an understandable manner.

Analyze possible solutions- at this stage, each possible solution is analyzed to look into the merits and the demerits that each solution has. There is a screening procedure that is developed and only those that meet the required threshold will be considered for the next step.

Compare possible solutions- here, the solutions that have been shortlisted as having passed the set screening standard are compared against each other. The use of decision matrix is commonly used at this stage of decision making. The quantitative technique should be used and summarized so… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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