Art Abjection of the Body Term Paper

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Therefore women represented in those methods are indeed monstrous. Femininity altogether is monstrous because the conception of the female and of feminine are narrow and horrific both from the perspective of traditional masculinity, for women who occupy space on that spectrum, and especially for women such as Haraway, Kristeva, and Creed who seek disruption and liberation from these constrictions. Feminism then is an effort to abject-ify (as opposed to objectify) traditional conceptions of the body and of the gender, with particular respect to women. Feminism is the effort to make the stereotypes what are monstrous not the true and full expressions of women, of what is female, and of what is feminine. The old and traditional views of the female and the feminine abject what is truly female, feminine, and feminist. These authors aim to turn the abjection around upon the very constructions that incited them to create methods of escape, liberation, and expression.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Art Abjection of the Body Assignment

Turk, A., & Badii, A. 2001. Personalized, Mediated Human-Computer Interaction. Web, Available from: 4th Western Australian Workshop…
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