Art Had Been Taken Thesis

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Art had been taken to a whole new level during the Renaissance period, which lasted from 1400 to 1600. People had been determined to change mostly everything in the time's society in order for it to become better and more pleasant to the ordinary individual. Artists have paid great attention to the great classics of Greek and Rome and to everything related to the human nature and anatomy. Consequently with the Renaissance artists coming forward in order to claim their values, the world had become keen on gathering as much information as it could about the planet.

While artists have been considered to be simple manufacturers until the time, society learnt that they too could be comparable and even greater to writers or poets. Painting, sculpture, and architecture had evolved to the point where artists attempted to make their works perfect. The fact that wealthy Italian families were willing to sponsor education had provided a great advantage for the artists of the time. Strong-minded on having their own people creating art for them, rich families had invested large sums of money into having people of all social classes become educated.

Art was no longer seen as something of little importance, as paintings and sculpture amazed people with their remarkable details. Artists experimented with new methods and incorporated rationality and proportionality into their works. Great attention had been paid to art in order for it to perfectly reproduce reality.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Art Had Been Taken to a Whole Assignment

Leonardo Da Vinci emerged as a great artist during the second phase of the Renaissance: the High Renaissance. Society had already been prepared to witness the creation of master pieces during the Early Renaissance period. The philosophical texts found in his father's home, and, the fact that his family had had a tradition in painting had made it possible for Da Vinci to interact with art. The artist proved his talent from an early age, when he would often surpass his master, Andrea del Verrochio, in craftiness. Being willing to have his works appreciated by all people, regardless of their backgrounds, Da Vinci sought to make his paintings and sculpture as real as he could, hoping that faithful reproductions of real life events would raise artistic sentiments in everyone. His paintings had three dimensional perspectives, as the artist went at providing his works with realism by giving them depth. According to Da Vinci, a great painter did not only need to have a vast knowledge of painting, as he or she also needed to master the laws of nature.

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli is one of the main people to have become famous during the Renaissance era. Machiavelli's views relating to politics are divisive, and he had often been misunderstood and mistaken for one that supported corruption and totalitarian governments. Because of the problems that he encountered throughout his life, Machiavelli felt compelled to catch the attention of the Medici family by writing a political-based book named The Prince. The book did not have the effect that Machiavelli had wanted it to, and instead it had been received by the public as something written by a deranged man that only intended to impose his power.

The Renaissance opened minds and made people find their true vocation in life, as a great number of artists had the courage to come forward during the era. Filippo Brunelleschi is one of those that decided to abandon his previous life in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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