Art in "Burial at Ornans Essay

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Pointillism accesses our brains' capacity to fill in missing or implied information to create a coherent, articulated whole. This anticipates abstractions in form and interaction with the viewer. Reference Signac's "Femmes au Puits" and Seurat's "La Parade de Cirque" as examples of pointillism.

"Salon de la rue des Moulins" is full of saturated reds. The furniture is red, some articles of clothing are red, and a few of the women are redheads. It is very warm and visually stimulating. The women are comfortable and relaxing as evident by their posing and facial expressions. The yellows and blacks provide the greatest contrast in hue and tone in this piece. Most of the action occurs on the left two-thirds of the painting, where the reds are concentrated and the movement is from left to right. "The Seated Clown" is more cartoonish. Red is a primary color of this work, but is used less frequency for emphasis rather than overall tone. The bench is red, a gown of a patron is a shade of red, and the clown's lips and cheek are red.

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The primary colors are red, yellow, and green in "Night Cafe." Red is warm, green is cool, and yellow is neither. This reflects instability of atmosphere. The halo of the bulbs mixes the three colors together signifying no one definite mood. There is the presence of blues on the perimeter of the pieces, which may also signify the psychological mood if considering that "blues" also refers to an emotional state. Substantial paint is applied to the pool table, the walls behind the lights, and the floor. The pool table is at the center of the piece. It casts the darkest and largest shadow of any object of figure in the piece. This is important for Van Gogh. Without walls or a floor there would be no cafe at all. It seems like this cafe is a place where a moody Van Gogh would watch drunken patrons, become a drunken patron, and move through his moods while occasioning playing pool, probably alone.

Essay on Art in "Burial at Ornans," Assignment

Cezanne is called "the father of modern art" and/or "the father of us all" by fellow painters. His creative process and content bridged the gap between 19th century and 20th century art. His body of work and his creative perspective concluded on era, transitioned, and established another era in art. He was obsessively repetitive. He incessantly demanded more of himself and his work. He pushed his capabilities not settling until his work reflected what he saw in life. Cezanne isolated himself and worked at an abnormal pace. His fixation with brushstroke became the canon by which future great artists gauged themselves. Cezanne's "Pyramid of Skulls" is haunting in its accuracy and warm in coloring. "Joueurs Cartes" has so much texture one can almost grab the curtain or tug at one of the men's jackets.

Rodin appreciated the individuality of the human body. He also had a talent for communicating character and depth in his sculptures. These differences went against prior conventions for sculpture. Rodin's talent, perspective, and willingness to go against the artistic standard invigorated the Modern Era. "Kiss" is compelling in emotional and literal content. Claudel was additionally a passionate master of sculpture. Her perspective as a woman in a patriarchal culture and art gave her work an air not yet seen in the art world. Her relationship with Rodin as model, fellow artist, and muse informed her work as seen in "Waltz."

Maillol is classical in that his sculptures are of the female form, a classical subject. The women are always nude. They are sculpted with classical proportions. Even their hair or other minor accessories are classical in style as well. His works are also classical in the materials in uses for his sculptures. His modernity is evident in the poses of the nudes. The poses, if mimicked in nature or reality would be awkward, painful, or impossible, yet in his sculptures the figures are graceful and balanced. Maillol chose to revisit classical Greek forms in content but not in style. He made classical figures more peaceful and simple than the classical precursors. In this way he is modern as he takes an experimental approach to an establish form or perspective. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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