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One can view the picture that he paints and feel the lonliness that he required for him to do his best work. As a young painter he was considered undisplined which also shows in this particular painting. Viewing the color use and the use of lines denoting the background and horizon one can feel the desire to reach out and touch mankind, while at the same time being content to have many miles between the viewer and the hustle and bustle of society.

In Pierre Bonnard's Terrace painting the exact opposite is realized. This painting reflects society's desire to be alive and social (Grainstack 1891 cat=4037& page=19& maincat=M). The painting not only reflects such an image through the use of the images that are in the painting but also in the fact that the colors are bright and cheerful. One only has to gaze at this painting and discover the gaiety of the time which reflects the political and cultural attitude that the painter lived in (Grainstack 1891 cat=4037& page=19& maincat=M).

Food is plentiful as is denoted on the canvas and the people seem to be happy to be gathering. There are no expressions of worry on the faces of those in the painting. While The Haystack produces a feeling of lonely hard life, The Terrace produces the exact opposite emotion and illustrates the general attitude of society in that era.

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In Paul Signac's The Windmills the artist blends a combination of the two when he provides a colorful and cheerful work of windmills. The colors used are significant factors because of the cheerful and happy emotion they bring forth. The picture has very little to do with socializing yet it welcomes the idea of social happiness by use of the colors and the use of the brush to denote that emotion.

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All three paintings exude contentment by the artist. The Haystack is a more lonely and solitude picture in which the viewer can sit and contemplate life while gazing at the simple lines and meaning behind the painting. In the next two the willingness of society and culture to be upbeat and social is displayed in the works. The use of color and motion both provide indicators of the political and cultural attitude of the era.


Grainstack 1891 cat=4037& page=19& maincat=M

Pierre Bonnard The Terrace

Paul Signac The windmills$1,650

baroque sculptures

coat of arms


National Romanticism

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