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Impressions painting are named not because they worked loosely with color through the use of the color theories developed in the nineteenth century, they optically mixed color with red next to yellow, somewhat than orange, and many more subtle. (Artist Profile: Claude Monet)

'The Japanese Footbridge" of 1899 depicts the height of Impressionism. Monet holds the many different angles of a scene on his own house -- an arched Japanese bridge which is reflected in the pool below full of lilies, the water's trembling reflection mirroring the adjacent foliage and trees. (Exhibit gives impression of artistic revolution) At Giverny, he enlarged the water garden which was his only source of inspiration during the fag end of his life. The Japanese Footbridge uses a traditional technique, while his other paintings especially the series of water lilies, lean increasingly towards abstraction whose importance was formally recognized when Monet gave them away to France in 1918. He is regarded as the father of impressionism and one of the most admired and loved artists of all time. His extensive career was characterized by experimentation and innovation. His handling of various subjects is identified immediately and confirm to his amazing talent for composition and the rendering of both color and light. His career started as a caricaturist in Le Havre during the 1850s.

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An initial familiarity with the French landscape painter Eugene Boudin who painted the changing skies and sea along the Normandy coast was the formative impact in the initial years of Monet. Both of the artists, who shared a dedication to nature, enjoyed painting outdoors. During 1862, Monet went to Paris and started his training at the Paris studio of the academician Charles Gleyre. Following his initial success in the Salon of 1865, a bigger work, Women in the Park, was denied by the Salon of 1867, seemingly because Monet's use of color and light led to a simplification or abstraction of form. His methodologies challenged traditional practices and the authority of the French academy that was established for more than 200 years. (Monet at Giverny: Masterpieces from Musee Marmottan Biographical Notes)


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